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Plymouth Ice Festival                                              Page 3

       beer, drink specials, and live
       music. The Party Lot has
       become “The Place” to be
       for nightly entertainment -
       along with the ice bar in
       front of the restaurant
       where visitors can enjoy
       some Stolichnaya Vodka
         This year will feature live
       entertainment by Smokin’
       Mirrors on Friday, Jan.12
       and Power Play Detroit on
       Sat., Jan. 13
         “We do a lot of festivals,”
       Geitzen said, “but this one of
       my real favorites. It is a great
       time and a terrific excuse to
       get out in the cold and walk
       the downtown streets of
       Plymouth. This event bene-
       fits everybody, the visitors,
       the merchants, the commu-
       nity. Don't miss it.”
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