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Plymouth Ice Festival
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       Festival from page 1                                                     One of the most popular family
                                                                              attractions of the festival, Geitzen said,
       businesses.                                                            is the Blue Care Network Cross-
         “Businesses see an uptick in traffic                                 Country Skiing Zone presented by
       during the festival as people walk by                                  Sun and Snow. Seasoned profession-
       to view the carvings that local mer-                                   als will explain the gear, help suit peo-
       chants have funded,” Geitzen said.                                     ple up and give them the chance to
       “This is really a cooperative effort of                                experience a mini-winter wonderland
       all the businesses and the communi-                                    on the cross-country skiing trail built
       ty.”                                                                   in Kellogg Park.
         The annual Collegiate Ice Carving                                      Another highly anticipated attrac-
       Competition, presented by Genisys                                      tion of the festival, Geitzen said, is the
       Credit Union, will host two carving                                    Ice Playground. This interactive space
       events, which will include partici-                                    is filled with games carved out of ice
       pants from several Michigan colleges                                   and numerous ice sculptures provid-
       and universities. The individual com-                                  ing plenty of opportunities for pic-
       petition will start at 10 a.m. on                                      tures while children play in the ice.
       Saturday, Jan. 12. Competitors will                    James Gietzen   This is simply a “must see” at the festi-
       have three hours to carve before their                                 val, he said.
       creations are judged by a team of  will work together to build and sculpt  He added that the festival wouldn't
       expert ice carvers.                their ice carving.                  be complete for many local visitors
         The ice-carving team competitions  The winners of each contest will be  without the traditional Party Lot
       will take place beginning at 10 a.m. on  announced and receive trophies each  behind E.G. Nick's restaurant on
       Sunday, Jan. 13. Teams of two carvers  day around 3 p.m.               Forest Street, where there will be cold
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