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Plymouth Ice Festival
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       What a ride

       Ice slide adds fun to festival

         Josh and Melissa Zian of Clarkston love the Plymouth Ice
         “We do the Tubing Slide,” said Josh, 39. “We do it because
       it's fun. We just developed it. You can do it year round. You
       don't need snow.
         “We have a number of things” that make up the slide,
       which is about 10 feet tall. “It looks bigger because we have
       sides on it,” he said, noting it's used “like a ski resort” with
       inner tubes.
         “It's going to be a fun time,” Josh Zian said. He and
       Melissa, married 18 years, have an 11-year-old son.
         “We just have the slide,” at Ice Festival, he said, “We just
       created the slide for fun. We were invited by Plymouth to
       come out and enjoy the time.”
         Lights on the slide are planned for this year but weren't
                                       used last year, he
                                       added. The rollers
                                       this year on the slide
                                       will add little “hills”
                                       or “bumps” rather
                                       than being flat.
                                         “It adds more
                                       excitement to the
                                       ride,” he said. They
                                       do a number of other
                                       events with the slide,
                                       including in summer-
                                       time when lights
                                       aren't needed.
                                         They enjoy those
                                       events, with details at
                                       the   website   of
                                         Josh Zian's Z
                                       Innovations is a fami-
                                       ly owned and operat-
                                       ed business bringing
                                       snow sports to the
                                       region since 2007.
                                         “Our setup pro-
                                       vides users the abili-
                                       ty to ski, snowboard
                                       and snow tube.
                                       Bringing the moun-
                                       tain to you ... no real
                                       snow necessary,”
                                       claims the website.
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