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PAGE 4                                                         ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS OF MICHIGAN                                       September 28, 2023


        State of City

        address set

                                Westland    Mayor
                             Michael P. Londeau will
                             deliver his first State of
                             the City address begin-
                             ning      at    noon,
                             Wednesday, Oct. 4 at The
                             Friendship Center, locat-
                             ed at 1119 N Newburgh
                             Road. Audience mem-
                             bers will be admitted
                             beginning at 11:30 a.m.
           Michael P. Londeau
                             with a lunch immediate-
        ly following the address. The address this year is
        themed, “Taking Care of Business” and will
        include a look back on the progress the city has
        made this past year as well as a preview for what
        is to come in 2024, a spokesman said.
           The State of the City Address will also include
        special awards presentations to City Clerk
        Richard LeBlanc for the Circle of Excellence    The Butler Did It
        Award, Former Mayor William R. Wild for the
        Legacy of Leadership Award, and Director of     Miss Maple, a dowager with a reputation for "clever" weekend parties, invites a group of detective novel writers to eerie
        Senior Resources Barbara Schimmel Marcum for    Ravenswood Manor on Turkey Island where they are to impersonate their fictional characters. The hostess has
                                                        arranged all sorts of amusing incidents: a mysterious voice on the radio, a menacing face at the window, a mad killer
        the Lifetime Achievement Award.                 on the loose.  Then, a real murder takes place and Miss Maple is outraged. She offers an immense reward to the
           “We've made a lot of progress in these past nine  "detective" who can bring the killer to justice. The climax unmasks the true killer and almost everyone turns out to be
        months,” commented Londeau, “and we're only     someone else in the Inspire Theatre presentation, The Butler Did It, from Sept. 29 until Oct. 15. Friday and Saturday
        getting started.”                               performances are planned for 7:30 p.m. Sept. 29 and 30 and Oct. 6, 7, 13 and 14. Matinee performances at 2 p.m. are
           While the event is free, pre-registration is  set for Oct. 1, 7, 8, 14 and 15.Tickets for the comedy-mystery are $20 and are available at
        required by either emailing mayor@cityofwest- Theatre is located at the Westland Center for the Arts at 33455 Warren Road in or calling (734) 467-3200.             Westland. For more information, call (734) 460-2418.
           For more information, call (734) 467-3200.
        Police department seeking school crossing guards

           The    Westland     Police  Crossing guards be assigned to a  Duties and responsibilities   Successful hires will represent  Crossing-Guard-2022...
        Department is looking for candi-  variety of posts in school parking  will include providing safe cross-  a positive image of both the  Applications can be complet-
        dates to serve as crossing guards  lots and at intersections through-  ing for school children and  Westland Police Department and  ed online or printed and turned
        and parking lot crossing guard  out the city.                 pedestrians during school drop-  the Wayne-Westland Community  in at the Westland Police
        attendants (permanent or substi-  The minimum qualifications  off and dismissal. Guards will be  Schools district.         Department.
        tute) to work at schools in the city.  as outlined by police officials  responsible for observing and  Candidates should be willing  Crossing Guards will work
        Immediate openings available   include individuals of good moral  stopping vehicular traffic and  to become CPR and first aid certi-  under the training and supervi-
        including posts near Johnson   character as determined by a   must be able to display and use  fied and training will be provid-  sion of the Westland Police
        Elementary     and     Hayes   criminal history check.        safety equipment such as hand-  ed, according to a prepared state-  Department Traffic Bureau.
        Elementary schools.              Crossing guards work during  held “STOP” signs and a wear  ment from the police department.  For more information, contact
           Crossing guards will receive  the hours of 7 until 9:30 a.m.  safety vest visible to motorists.  Applications are available at  Ofc. Michael Aldini with the
        training in topics such as stranger  and/or 2:30 to 4:15 p.m. and are  Crossing guards will help lost,  the front desk of the police  Westland Police Department
        danger, CPR/First Aid, missing  paid $15 per hour per post on a  injured students, who may other-  department or online at  Traffic Bureau at maldini@
        persons, and other topics.     bi-weekly basis.               wise need assistance. or (734) 722-9633.

                                     REGULAR MEETING
                              CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF NORTHVILLE
                                     BOARD OF TRUSTEES
         DATE: Thursday, September 21, 2023
         TIME: 7:00 p.m.
         PLACE: 44405 Six Mile Road
         CALL TO ORDER: Supervisor Abbo called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
         ROLL CALL: Mark Abbo, Supervisor Scott Frush, Trustee
         Jason Rhines, Treasurer Mindy Herrmann, Trustee
         Roger Lundberg, Trustee
         ABSENT: Cynthia Jankowski, Clerk Christopher Roosen, Trustee
         1. Agendas:
            A.   Regular Agenda and the Consent Agenda items – Approved
         2.  Appointments, Presentations, Resolutions & Announcements:
            A.   Essential Services Complex Presentation – Removed
            B.   Reappointment – Zoning Board of Appeals – Joe LoPiccolo – Approved
            C.   Reappointment – Senior Advisory – Jan Purtell – Approved
            D.   Landfill Working Committee Report - Presented
         3. Public Hearing:
            A.   Set the Public Hearings for the 2024 Budget – Approved
         4.  Brief Public Comments: Two members of the audience had questions or comments for the Board of Trustees.
         5. New Business:
            A.   ITaC – Cybersecurity Contract – Approved
            B.   Public Safety – Police – Vehicle Disposal – Approved
            C.   Clerk – SAD – Quail Ridge Resolution – Approved
         6.  Unfinished Business: None
         7. Ordinances:
            A.   Outdoor Gathering Ordinance Amendment – Introduction – Approved
         8. Check Registry:
            A.   In the amount of $ 3,227,354.48 for the period of August 5, 2023 to September 1, 2023. – Approved
         9.  Board Communication & Reports:
            A.   Mark Abbo, Jason Rhines, Scott Frush, Mindy Herrmann, Roger Lundberg, Manager Mutchler
         10.  Any other business for the Board of Trustees: None
         11.  ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m.
         A draft of the meeting minutes will be available October 3, 2023.
         Respectfully submitted:
         Mark Abbo, Supervisor
         Cynthia L. Jankowski, Clerk                                   NT0225 - 092823  2.5 x 4.99
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