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PAGE 4                                                         ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS OF MICHIGAN                                       September 29, 2022


        Veteran police officer retires from township

           Northville Township Police                                                               George kept the horse on his
        Sgt. David Roberts retired Sept.                          ”                                 farm overnight until the rightful
        16, after a 27-year law enforce-                I'm very much a guardian                    owner noticed a horse missing,
        ment career, 22 of them with                 of helping and assisting others.               and came to claim it.
        Northville Township.                                                                           Roberts is also credited with
           Roberts' professional high-                                                              saving several lives while on the
        lights include rescuing a lost                                                              midnight shift with the depart-
        horse walking down Ridge and   parked outside public safety   department field training offi-  ment. He quickly learned to rec-
        Seven Mile roads, training police  headquarters.              cers, responsible for training sev-  ognize the signs of driving while
        departments across Michigan      Roberts     returned    to   eral new officers over the years.   under the influence of alcohol.
        about people with autism and   Northville after beginning his   “I watched the township as it  Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
        winning back-to-back awards for  law enforcement career in 1995  was on the cusp of growth and it  (MADD) gave him “lifesaver”
        spotting drunken drivers on the  as a deputy with the Wayne   exploded, going from cows to  awards two consecutive years for
        roadways.                      County Sheriff's office. During  concrete, if you will,” he said.   the high number of intoxicated
           Roberts' stellar career with  that time, Roberts was assigned  Those cows played a role in  people he stopped before they
        Northville Township began even  to the corrections division, as  helping him find the owner of a  caused an injury or fatal acci-
        before he became an officer. At  well as the sheriff's detachment  wayward horse wandering Ridge  dent.
        age 19, he was a decoy, assisting  at Metro Airport.          Road. “I didn't know where to put  Roberts spent several years
        the police department as it      Roberts was hired by the     it. I knew Mr. George who owned  assigned to task forces through
        clamped down on underage sales  Northville Township Police    a farm with cows at Six Mile  the    Drug     Enforcement
        of alcohol in the township. Back  Department as a patrol officer in  Road, and so I walked the horse  Administration and the Michigan  Sgt. David Roberts
        then, he recalled, the detective  2000. While assigned to the patrol  about a mile with a squad car  State Police task force Western
        bureau was housed in a trailer  division, he served as one of the  falling behind me,” Roberts said.  Wayne Community Response  been shared with other agencies
                                                                                                    team, during which he handled  across Michigan.
                                                                                                    several major investigations and  “He always took the extra
                                                                                                    participated in hundreds of    time, using his own personal
                                                                                                    arrests of individuals responsible  experience, to try and help the
                                                                                                    for felony crimes. After being  families of those with special
                                                                                                    promoted to the rank of sergeant  needs come up with ideas on
                                                                                                    in 2015, Roberts served as a   how to improve the lives and
                                                                                                    patrol supervisor and also spent  safety of their loved ones,” said
                                                                                                    time as the supervisor in charge  Northville Township Police Chief
                                                                                                    of the department detective    Scott Hilden.
                                                                                                    bureau.                          Roberts is not finished help-
                                                                                                       Roberts' legacy at Northville  ing others. His main motivation
                                                                                                    Township also includes founding  for retiring is teaching his non-
                                                                                                    the department Honor Guard     verbal autistic son to communi-
                                                                                                    Unit, which participates in com-  cate. He wants Blake, 18, to be
                                                                                                    munity events and pays respect  able to ask for help if he ever
                                                                                                    to fallen officers. He also used  needs it, he said.
                                                                                                    his personal experience as a     “I'm drawn to helping people,”
                                                                                                    father of a non-verbal autistic  he added.
                                                                                                    child to develop and enhance the  Roberts said he will also will
                                                                                                    department autism profile pro-  spend more time with daughter
                                                                                                    gram. He provided critical infor-  Molly, 19, son Brody, 13, and his
                                                                                                    mation to officers who respond-  fianceé, Barbara Springer.
                                                                                                    ed to calls involving missing vul-  “I'm very much a guardian of
        NorthvilleTownship Police Sgt. David Roberts marked the last day of his career with the department.  nerable adults or individuals  helping and assisting others,” he
        Sept. 16 after 27 years in law enforcement, 22 with Northville Township.                    with autism. His expertise has  said.
        Northville names new

        Senior Services leader

           Lindsay Boujoulian has joined the   helped coor-
        Northville Department of Parks and     dinate was
        Recreation, a shared service of the city  the evacua-
        and Northville Township, as the new    tion of 6,000
        Senior Services Supervisor.            guests when
           Boujoulian interned with the depart-  Hurricane
        ment while she completed her degree in  Floyd struck
        gerontology at Western Michigan        the area.
        University.                              Most
           She previously served as director of  recently, she
        marketing at Waltonwood of Cherry Hill  was a para-
        and Carriage Park in Canton Township   professional       Lindsay Boujoulian
        and as lifestyle programs director at  for both the
        Brookdale Living in Southfield.        Northville Community School District and
           Her experience in planning events, fol-  Novi Community Schools. It was a position
        lowing a budget, managing and coordinat-  that allowed flexibility while raising a
        ing staff and volunteers, reaching out to  family and giving her experience working
        community resources to enrich programs  with another special population, she said.
        and creating a trusting, caring environ-  Boujoulian is familiar with the intrica-
        ment for families and residents will help  cies of working with a municipality as she
        in her new position in Northville, officials  was also previously employed by
        said in a prepared statement.          Farmington Hills, where she developed
           Boujoulian was an event coordinator  marketing strategies, secured donations,
        for six Marriott resorts in Hilton Head, SC.  booked entertainment, administered the
        One of the events she didn't plan but  budget and managed a staff of 35.

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