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April 29, 2021                                                 ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS OF MICHIGAN                                                  PAGE 5

                                  INKSTER - BELLEVILLE - SUMPTER
                                   INKSTER - BELLEVILLE - SUMPTER

        Be a ‘Buddy’

        Church begins new reading program

           Inkster children now have a buddy to  pods, to make sure their children do not
        help them develop strong reading skills.  lose ground with their studies.  However,
           Smith Chapel AME Church in Inkster  many are concerned that children who
        has instituted a Reading Buddy Program  can't afford those resources and are being
        which is designed to help children in  left behind as schools alternate between
        grades K-4 improve reading and compre-  remote and face-to-face learning.
        hension skills.  After consulting with a par-  Research has shown the more children
        ent, each child is matched with a Reading  read, the wider their vocabularies
        Buddy who will read a book with the    become, which leads to better communi-
        child.                                 cation and writing skills.  The bottom line
           Books are chosen from a curated read-  is strong reading skills are essential to
        ing list with a focus on cultural awareness,  academic and career success,” Kirk
        history and dream building.  Brand new  McKenzie said.
        books are mailed to the child free of    Currently, all interactions between the
        charge and each time a child completes a  child and the Reading Buddy are by
        certain number of books (two, five, 10) the  Facetime, Zoom and other digital plat-
        child receives an incentive award.     forms, convenient to the family schedule.
        Children can keep the books to add to, or  All Reading Buddies are volunteers, who
        create, their personal library.   Pastor  have undergone training with licensed
        Katrese Kirk McKenzie said she believes  teachers and have had an independent
        the Reading Buddy Program can make a   background check.
        difference in a child's ability to be on pace,  Some Buddies are currently teachers
        or possibly exceed, their grade level for  in local school systems.
        reading and comprehension.               For more information, or an applica-
           “Over a year into the COVID-19 pan-  tion to participate in the Reading Buddy  Spring cleaning
        demic we have seen reports of families  Program contact  admin@smith
        who use tutoring services and learning                   Members of the Belleville Rotary Club, personnel from David C. Brown Funeral
                                                                                       Home, Higgerson & Neal Funeral Home, and several local community volunteers
                                                                                       braved the unexpected wintery-mix of springtime weather April 20 and picked up
                                                                                       25 bags of refuse, leaves, and other yard waste at Hillside Cemetery in Belleville.
                                                                                       The volunteers cleaned about 750 pounds of debris from the cemetery while earli-
                                                                                       er in the day a group of Rotarians and friends also cleared storm drain blockages
                                                                                       on Potter and Edgemont streets in Belleville.

                                                                                     Apartment unit wait lists now open

                                                                                        Wait lists for apartment units at Twin  The Lemoyne Gardens 1, Lemoyne
                                                                                     Towers, Demby Terrace and Parkside    Gardens 2, and Canterbury waitlists will
                                                                                     Estates in Inkster opened to applicants  remain closed until further public
                                                                                     Tuesday.                              notice. Interested applicants can either
                                                                                        The    Inkster   Housing     and   visit the Inkster Housing Commission
                                                                                     Redevelopment Commission (IHRC)       Administrative Office or call  (313) 561-
                                                                                     opened the lists for those hoping to lease  2600 for more information.
                                                                                     the units pursuant to HUD regulations.   The    Inkster    Housing    and
                                                                                     The Inkster Housing Commission will   Redevelopment Commission will pro-
                                                                                     accept public housing applications from  vide reasonable accommodation to a
                                                                                     9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays,  qualified individual with a disability by
                                                                                     Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the      providing modifications, alterations or
                                                                                     administrative office, 4500 Inkster Road  adaptation in policy, procedures, and
                                                                                     in Inkster.                           practices.

        Letter                                 issue and criticized the local publication
                                               and the impact of the falsehoods on the
                                               reputation of the township.
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                                                 “I've had it up to here with this. People
                                               around make up this stuff and I am not
        elected if somebody says something about  going to put up with it. I may not prevail in
        you, there's nothing you can do,” she said.  court, but I will try. This does damage to
           Trustee Tim Rush strongly disagreed  people and I don't know anybody in the
        noting that he had come to a significant  community who would not be outraged by
        financial settlement with the publication  these lies.”
        following false statements printed about  Editor's note: Neither Bednark or Clark
        him.                                   returned calls seeking comment for this
           Young expressed his disgust with the  story.
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