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                                       Harness racetrack is proposed in Plymouth

               Vol. 138, No. 04           A new harness racing track
            Sheena Barnes, also        in Plymouth Township is appar-
          known as Sheena Devina       ently at the starting gate as
          Green, 62, appeared for      plans were expected to be sub-
          arraignment in 34th District  mitted to the planning commis-
          Court Jan. 12 on charges of  sion this week.
          malicious use of the tele-      According to township
          phone.                       records, representatives of
                          See page 5.  Northville Downs submitted a
                                       check for $5,600 for four appli-
                                       cation fees and another check
                                       for $9,100 to be placed in escrow
                                       as plans for the $25 million proj-
                                       ect are reviewed by members of
                Vol. 76, No. 04        the planning commission.
            Public safety vs. personal  Approval by the planning com-
          privacy is expected to be the  mission would send the project
          topic of discussion at a Town  to the township board of
          Hall meeting in Canton       trustees for consideration.
          Township concerning digital     The racetrack is proposed at
          license plate readers.       a 128-acre site near Five Mile
                          See page 3.
                                       and Ridge Road. The site was  would be on file and publicly  Northville Downs track has con-  ty to be constructed during a
                                       formerly designated as the    accessible on the second floor at  tinued as plans for the major  future phase of development.
                                       Ridge Five Corporate Park, but  Plymouth Township Hall and  development move through the  Any casino or racino gambling
                                       no development took place and  that the plans would also be  approval process in the City of  would require state approval.
                                       the site is now vacant land. Only  available on the township plan-  Northville.              The plans to seek casino or
               Vol. 76, No. 04         52 acres of the site are suitable  ning commission website for  The plans for the Plymouth  racino gambling permits have
                                       for building as the remainder is  public review.            site include construction of a  been questioned by Township
             Area library professionals
                                                                        The Northville Downs prop-
          are asked to check out the   protected wetlands, according  erty was sold to Hunter Pasteur  half-mile oval harness race-  Trustee John Stewart, who said
                                                                                                                                 he is not sure such plans will
                                       to township records.
                                                                                                   track; a two-story, 4,900-square-
          open position at the Leanna     Plymouth Township Building  in 2018 for a multi-million-dol-  foot grandstand with a patio for  meet with success in the current
          Hicks Public Library in      Department Coordinator Cheri  lar development which will    viewing; a 23,000-square-foot  social and political environ-
          Inkster where a new director  Palmachuk confirmed that the  include retail, office, condo-  racing building; a 35,000 square  ment.
          is being sought.             conceptual plans for the sulky  miniums and luxury homes,   foot horse barn and a 3,200      “It appears that Supervisor
                          See page 5.
                                       racing track would be on the  along with a park and the day-  square foot maintenance build-  (Kurt) Heise and Gary Heitman
                                       Feb. 15 planning commission   lighting of the river in down-  ing. In addition, plans include a
                                       agenda. She said the plans    town Northville. Racing at the  54,000-square-foot gaming facili-      See Track, page 4
                                       41st Annual Ice Festival set to begin next week
                Vol. 23, No. 04
            New Hope Center for
          Grief Support received a        The “coolest” festival in                                                              ably warm one year, crowds did-
          grant of $50,000 from The    Plymouth will begin with a very                          ”                                n't seem to diminish much. He
          Margaret        Dunning      special event this year.            This is just a real community event, designed         said that families come for the
          Foundation to be paid over      Just ahead of the official        for families, but with attractions for everyone.     atmosphere and to have some-
          two years.                   opening of the 41st Annual                                                                thing to do outside.
                          See page 6.  Plymouth Ice Festival, Miracle                                                               This year, the traditional
                                       League of Plymouth will host a                                                            attractions will fill the streets,
                                       Preview Party in Kellogg Park  their families of all ages. One  during the winter months. As  including the exceptionally pop-
                                       for special needs families. The  ticket is needed for each person  many people as possible should  ular petting farm which draws
                                       sensory-friendly event will take  attending, organizers said. For  be able to enjoy it,” he added.  huge crowds, Gietzen said. One
                                       place from 6:30 until 8 p.m. Feb.  ticket registration or more infor-  When the event opens on  added feature is the addition of
                Vol. 23, No. 04        2, the evening before the official  mation, email Stacey@miracle-  Friday, there will be smaller  warming stations.
                                       opening of the event set for Feb.    sculptures, but more of them     “The Hot Spot near the
            The man suspected in the
                                                                        James Gietzen, owner of JAG
          shooting death of a Plymouth  3.  Michigan Magician Jeff   Entertainment, who produces   throughout downtown and in    Gathering sponsored by Ehlers
                                                                                                                                 will be open during the event,”
                                                                                                   front of nearly every business,
          woman last week has been     Wawrzaszek will be performing  the event said this was a real  Geitzen said. Gietzen said dis-  Gietzen said, “and there will be
          found dead of a self- inflicted  magic tricks as he walks  addition to the event and he was  tributing  the  sculptures  food vendors, drinks, face paint-
          gunshot wound, according to  between the ice sculptures open  very pleased to help offer the  throughout the downtown offers  ing and bathrooms available
          a police report.             for viewing and One Spot      sensory conscious event. “It just  audiences a chance to see the  there.” This year, two more
                          See page 4.
                                       Theater will perform. Also    allows more people to enjoy the  art of the sculptors without the  warming stations have been
                                       planned are winter-themed arts  ice,” he said.              crush of crowds. He noted that  added. One at the Plymouth
                                       and crafts along with games      “The festival is designed to  people can enjoy the ice works  Arts and Recreation Complex
                                       offering prizes for participants.  bring people out of their homes  at their own pace which can be  (PARC) on Main Street across
                                       Ice blocks will be available to  during the winter months,”  a real advantage to families  from the library. Gietzen said
               Vol. 138, No. 04        touch and other ice-related fun  Gietzen said, “and this preview  with younger children.  that a hallway in the former
                                       is planned, organizers said,  event provides that opportunity  The weather, of course, is  school building will feature an
            Romulus Mayor Robert       along with warm refreshments.  to those who might otherwise  always the largest element of  art exhibit people can enjoy
          McCraight is hoping for a       The event is free and is spon-  miss the ice carving.  This is a  the event. If it is too cold, fami-  while getting out of the cold.
          “sweeping success” during    sored by Thrivent, although tick-  family-friendly, community-ori-  lies hesitate to come out. If it is  “United Way will also be open
          the Sixth Annual Curling     ets will be required and are  ented event that brings people  too warm or rains, the sculp-  from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. both
          Royale Tournament this       available for individuals with  out into the fresh air and pro-  tures melt. Gietzen said, howev-
          year.                        disabilities or limitations and  vides something fun to enjoy  er, that when it got unseason-      See Festival, page 4
                          See page 6.

                Vol. 76, No. 04
            Members of the Wayne City
          Council welcomed new
          Firefighter      Nickolas
          DeCeuninck to the Wayne Fire
          Department last week.
                          See page 3.

                Vol. 76, No. 04
            Michael P. Londeau, for-
          merly council president pro
          tem, was selected by fellow
          city council members to
          serve as the mayor of
          Westland until November.
                          See page 2.                                                                                                           James Gietzen

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