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               THE BELLEVILLE
          ENTERPRISE                   Distribution Center brings 400 jobs to Romulus
               Vol. 134, No. 24           Romulus officials welcomed                                                             Indiana and Texas so they
            Members of the Van         yet another new facility to the                          ”                                turned to us to do something
          Buren Township Planning      city last week, along with 400            We hope also that it will bring other           here on a quick timeframe.”
          Commission approved the      jobs the distribution center         development along with it...this is going to be        The new facility has 105 load-
          site plan for a 25,000 square-  brings.                                                                                ing docks and includes a 250,000-
          foot data center to be con-     Penske Logistics opened a       part of a catalyst to bring more jobs to this region.  square-foot refrigerated section
          structed on Haggerty Road.   new 606,000 square-foot cooler                                                            and a 100,000-square-foot section
                          See page 6.  and freezer distribution facility                                                         chilled at -15 degrees, said Pat
                                       in Romulus called the Michigan  gas centers. Kroger officials say  catalyst program to bring more  Doran, project and engineering
                                       Fresh Center which will serve  the location of the center will  jobs to this region.”     manager with Penske. There are
                  THE CANTON           The Kroger Company.  The new  allow them to supply their stores  “We spent about $100 million  more than 1 million cases of food
             EAGLE                     facility takes up about 47 acres  with fresher products daily.  to make sure we had the right  housed in the warehouse,
                                                                       “We hope also that it will
               Vol. 72, No. 24         on Wayne Road.                bring other development along  material and handling equip-  hauled back and forth by 127 pal-
                                                                                                                                 let jacks.
                                          Penske company officials and
                                                                                                   ment, the right design for the
            The      International     community leaders celebrated  with it,” said Romulus Mayor  facility, the right space, the freez-  The new warehouse replaces
          Festival, a traditional attrac-  the grand opening of the center  LeRoy Burcroff. “We have unde-  ers, the banana rooms, etc,” said  one Kroger had in Ohio, said
          tion at the Canton Liberty   last Tuesday. It will serve 120  veloped land around this air-  Mark Altman, Penske Logistics.
          Festival, will be performed  Kroger stores, pharmacies and  port, so this is going to be part of  “We do similar work for them in  See Kroger, page 4
          on stage from 11:30 a.m. until
          6 p.m. on Saturday, June 15.
                          See page 3.    Art restoration

                THE INKSTER              Local artist hopes to resurrect
          LEDGER STAR
          LEDGER STAR
               Vol. 72, No. 24           Kahn-designed abandoned mill
            Two events this week will       Henry Ford probably didn't  historic Plymouth Engine Tap
          celebrate Juneteenth in        appreciate the artistic merit of  Plant, a former Kahn-designed
          Inkster, The first will be June  the mills he had designed by  Ford factory mill located on
          15 at Whetley Park and         famed architect Albert Kahn  Wilcox Road near the intersec-
          another Middle Passage         back in the early 1900s, concen-  tion of Hines Drive in
          Ceremony at Inkster Park       trating more on the efficiency  Plymouth. The building was
          June 19.                       of the structures which were  sold by Ford Motor Co. to
                          See page 4.    used for hydro-electric power  Wayne County in 1949 and
                                         in manufacturing.            used for storage until about  A pubic meeting to discuss plans for the former Plymouth
                                            Acclaimed Plymouth artist  1990. It has stood empty and  Engine Tap Plant is set for 6 p.m. June 18 at the Penn Theater in
                  THE NORTHVILLE         Tony Roko, however, has a    unused for nearly 30 years and  Plymouth.
             EAGLE                       deep admiration for the work  while it is on the state historic  disadvantaged youth, particu-  studio into the building, bring-
               Vol. 19, No. 24           of Kahn, considered one of the  building registry, has fallen  larly those in therapeutic care,  ing his work closer to his stu-
                                         greatest architects of all time.
                                                                      into disrepair.
                                                                                                                                dents. Currently, Roko works
                                                                                                   about art and self expression.
            For the first time in nearly    Roko is hoping to bring the  Roko learned to paint in an  The plan is to rehabilitate  with youngsters of various skill
          a   decade,   Northville       genius of Kahn back into the  Albert Kahn building, also  the nearly 100-year-old      levels and individual objec-
          Township residents will see    public eye while he continues  owned by Ford, and is hoping  Plymouth Mill structure into  tives in his studio in downtown
          no increase in water and       his efforts to help young artists.  history can repeat for the  an arts education center and  Plymouth.
          sewer rates.                   Through his foundation, he has  young artists he presently men-  student art gallery to display  Roko, a Plymouth-Canton
                          See page 3.    partnered with Wayne County  tors   through    his  Art   the artwork of students from  high school graduate, began
                                         and is leading the public-pri-  Foundation, a 501c3 entity he  The Art Foundation. Roko
                                         vate partnership to save the  created in 2017 to help teach  would also like to move his art      See Mill, page 5
                  THE PLYMOUTH
               Vol. 19, No. 24
            Residents of the Lake
          Pointe subdivision in
          Plymouth Township met last
          week at the Friendship
          Station to discuss the condi-
          tion and repair of subdivi-
          sion streets.
                          See page 5.

                   THE ROMULUS
               Vol. 134, No. 24
            A Romulus resident is fac-
          ing second-degree murder
          charges in the death of his
          two children who were
          killed in an automobile
          crash last March.              Tony Roko, far left, and his students and volunteers celebrate the work of his Art Foundation dedicated to helping disadvantaged
                                         youth  youth through art.
                          See page 4.
                                       National Strawberry Festival opens in Belleville tomorrow
                  THE WAYNE
             EAGLE                        The City of Belleville will  Strawberry Festival begins a  beer tent, musical performanc-  of the Strawberry Queen and

               Vol. 72, No. 24         host the sweetest festival in the  three-day celebration of all  es, bingo, crafters, lots and lots  the annual 150-entry parade
                                       country this weekend as the
                                                                                                                                 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. through
                                                                                                   of strawberry treats of all kinds,
                                                                     things strawberry.
            Mr. and Mrs. Dick          43rd    Annual     National      There are two midways, a   a children's area, the crowning  downtown on Saturday.
          Klopshinske, both graduates                                                                                              In addition to the carnival
          of Wayne Memorial High                                                                                                 rides and games, the Belleville
          School,  marked their 60th                                                                                             Chamber of Commerce sponsors
          wedding anniversary on                                                                                                 the Lakeside Strawberry Run
          June 3.                                                                                                                beginning at 7 a.m. Saturday,
                          See page 7.                                                                                            June 15, during Strawberry
                                                                                                                                 Festival weekend.
                                                                                                                                   Sponsored by Genisys Credit
                  THE WESTLAND                                                                                                   Union, the 5K run starts and
             EAGLE                                                                                                               ends at Horizon Park, and the

               Vol. 72, No. 24                                                                                                   route takes participants over the
                                                                                                                                 Denton Road bridge, across the
            Members of the Westland                                                                                              lake and up into the neighbor-
          City Council approved the                                                                                              hoods of scenic Van Buren
          $68 million 2019-2020 bal-                                                                                             Township.
          anced budget submitted by                                                                                                The cost to enter is $35 for
          Mayor William R. Wild.
                          See page 7.                                                                                                  See Strawberry, page 2

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