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June 13, 2019                                                  ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS OF MICHIGAN                                                  PAGE 7

                                       WAYNE - WESTLAND

        Westland OK's $68 million balanced city budget

           The City of Westland will add  Action Plans. Westland will con-                       ”                                 updating of the city website and
        $334,000 to the General Fund   tribute an additional $500,000 to          The budget is available to view on               the Westland Click and Fix
        balance and preserve a “rainy  the retiree healthcare liability                                                            mobile application.
        day” fund of more than $6.7 mil-  above the normal “pay as you go”                          “While this is a very conserva-
        lion without any increase in the  costs in addition to the annual           under the OpenGov section.                     tive budget, it does allow for
        local millage rate following   required contribution to the pen-                                                           strategic investment in the city's
        approval of the 2019-2020 budget  sion plan.                                                                               infrastructure and public safety
        submitted by Mayor William R.    The budget also includes     and sewer capital projects.   included in the budget present-  as well as the addition of neces-
        Wild.                          funding for much-needed infra-   Improvements to handicap    ed by Wild.                    sary personnel and technology
           The $68 million budget was  structure improvements allocat-  parking at the Jefferson Barnes  Other capital investments  advancements to improve servic-
        approved by members of the city  ing planned expenditures of $4.8  Community Vitality Center and  included safety and security  es to our residents,” commented
        council at the June 3 meeting  million for major and local roads  for capital investments for the  equipment for the police depart-  Wild.
        and includes the recently      throughout the community. In   public safety department and  ment, fire department, and the   The budget is available to
        approved MERS Pension and      addition, approximately $3.3 mil-  replacement of several public  Friendship Center. Funds have  view on
        Retiree Healthcare Corrective  lion is allocated toward water  service vehicles were also   also been earmarked for the    under the OpenGov section.

           Moving on up

           The Westland Professional Fire Fighters awarded scholar-
           ships to  local students at the June 3 Westland City Council
           Meeting. The award winners are all local area students who
           will be continuing their education in the fields of public serv-
           ice. The winners of the Bobby Foust Scholarship are
           Savanah Chahine, Michelle Ferrell and Kayanna Bodick,
           who will receive $1,000 toward the next step in their educa-
           tion. The winner of the Brian Woehlke Memorial
           Scholarship is Allison Reed who will receive full tuition to
           Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy to complete her
           Paramedic Advanced Life Support courses. The Todd
           Stanaway Memorial Scholarship winners are Madison
           Justice and Jonathan Holbrook who will also receive full
           tuition to Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy to complete
           their Paramedic Advanced Life Support courses. The
           Westland Professional Fire Fighters have awarded more
           than $100,000 worth of scholarships over the past 16 years,
           all going to outstanding local students. The scholarships
           have helped nearly 100 students pursue higher education
           and ensure that a strong base of public servants move into
           the workforce.
        Wayne graduates mark 60th wedding anniversary

                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Dick Klopshinske  enthusiasts who spent time fishing,  to Colorado about two years ago to
                                                                marked their 60th wedding       camping and hiking in the moun-  be near their children, Debra Paiz
                                                                anniversary on June 3 with a trip  tains.                        and Richard Klopshinske, Jr.
                                                                on the California Zepher train     They each retired in 1996 and   They spend their time enjoying
                                                                before returning to their home in  bought a recreational vehicle and  their hobbies including gardening,
                                                                Colorado.                       spent the next 20 years traveling  square-dancing and camping.
                                                                  The couple graduated from     the country while spending winters  Friends can contact the couple
                                                                Wayne Memorial High School,     in South Texas. They moved back  at klopshinske@
                                                                Klopshinske in 1959
                                                                and his wife, nee
                                                                Barbara French, in
                                                                1961. The pair eloped
                                                                in 1959 and were mar-
                                                                ried   in    North
                                                                  They moved to
                                                                Colorado in 1971
                                                                where Klopshinske
                                                                worked as a mill-
                                                                wright and plant engi-
                                                                neer while his wife
                                                                was employed as a
                                                                full-charge bookkeep-
                                   Barbara and Dick Klopshinske  er. They were outdoor
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