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May 16, 2019                                                   ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS OF MICHIGAN                                                  PAGE 3

                                       WAYNE - WESTLAND

        Westland moves to ease way for future development

           Developers hoping to build  developers that Westland is a                             ”                                 lish a new neighborhood on the
        in Westland will find far less  community that has removed                  Having attended the required                   Ford Road corridor and a City
        red tape and far more coopera-  restrictive red tape and is coop-                                                          Centre District around the
        tion following a vote of mem-  erative with developers, accord-             training sessions and passing                  Westland Shopping Center, it is
        bers of the city council last  ing to officials. Participating in           the resolution of intent, we will              important for us to examine our
        week.                          this program will identify areas                                                            policies and procedures to
           Members of the city council  in need of improvement to                  now complete a self-evaluation...               ensure we are poised to attract
        approved a resolution of intent  remove obstacles for potential                                                            new development and to fur-
        for Westland to participate in  developers that may otherwise                                                              ther the adopted Master Plan
        the Redevelopment Ready        deter their efforts.           potential developers. The pro-  transportation methods; new  and overall general welfare of
        Communities (RRC) Program        According to a prepared      gram was enacted to increase  housing suggestions to increase  the city,” commented Economic
        with the Michigan Economic     statement from the city, the   the overall quality of the com-  fellowship in the community;  Development Director Aubrey
        Development Corporation        MEDC has developed RRC         munity by utilizing as much   and increase resident involve-  Berman.
        (MEDC), a program designed to  ‘Best Practices’ that establish  input as possible. Other prac-  ment with the improvement of  “Having attended the
        streamline the development     and idealize ways for communi-  tices include the review of cur-  their own backyard, the release  required training sessions and
        process.                       ties to attract and improve upon  rent regulations and establish-  continued.               passing the resolution of intent,
           The RRC program was         the quality of businesses and  ing “Redevelopment Ready         There is no cost to partici-  we will now complete a self-
        designed by the MEDC to        business districts. Among these  Sites” for developers.      pate in the RRC certification  evaluation that will officially
        improve the procedures for     ‘Best Practices’ are ways to     The RRC Program not only    program and additional state   engage us in the program, mak-
        economic redevelopment with-   involve input from many stake-  focuses on economic develop-  funding will be available once  ing us eligible for technical and
        in communities and help attract  holders in the community, such  ment, but overall community  the community becomes offi-  financial assistance from the
        new business and development   as residents; previously estab-  development as well. Some   cially engaged in the program.  State of Michigan as we work
        to communities. The proce-     lished business owners; various  examples of this would include,  “With the city's ambitious  towards certification,” she con-
        dures will signal to potential  government entities; and other  increased use of non-motorized  redevelopment plans to estab-  cluded.
        Here Comes the Bus app available to district families

           Wayne-Westland students and families  too long for the school bus to arrive. Here  To use the service, visit herecomesthe-  Once those steps are complete, fami-
        now have the ability to know exactly   Comes the Bus allows parents to see   bus.com2 and click the Sign Up button.  lies can begin using Here Comes the Bus.
        where their school bus is and when it  where their child's bus is along the route  Enter school code 87839 and click Nest  For assistance in setting up an
        will arrive for pick-up or drop off.   and when it will be at their bus stop.   followed by Confirm.               account visit Here Comes the Bus sup-
           Wayne-Westland Community Schools      The app allows users to see real-time  Then complete the User Profile Box  port.
        has partnered with Here Comes the Bus  map locations of buses; get push-notifica-  and under the My Students section, enter  For questions about bus routes, con-
        to offer families a phone app that will  tions when the bus is nearby and help get  the student's last name and student iden-  tact Transportation Director Rhonda
        help students and parents avoid waiting  everyone to the bus stop at the right time.  tification number.           Lyons at
        McDonald's owner named to Downtown Development Authority

           Members of the Westland City Council  Ecumenical Theological Seminary.    appointed to four-year terms.  Members  Westland City Hall, 36300 Warren Road
        approved the appointment of Joni       Thrower-Davis was also recognized as one  must reside, work or have ownership  and are open to the public.
        Thrower Davis to serve on the city     of Crain's Magazine's 40 Under 40 in 2018.    interest in property within the DDA  Anyone interested in serving on a
        Downtown Development Authority (DDA)     “Joni will be a great addition to the  District that includes all of Ford Road and  Westland board or commission can find a
        for a four-year term that will expire in  DDA,” commented Mayor William R. Wild,  Wayne Road south of Ford Road to  complete list of vacancies, information,
        2023.                                  who made the appointment.  “Her experi-  Glenwood.  The DDA promotes and facili-  requirements and explanations on each
           Thrower-Davis is the owner of the   ence as a business owner in Westland as  tates plans that result in continued devel-  and an application on www.cityofwest-
        newly-renovated McDonald's, located at  well as her experience providing legal  opment, redevelopment, revitalization by clicking on the “Get Involved”
        33921 Ford Road.  She also serves as gen-  and management support to restaurants  and/or reuse of properties within the DDA  icon.  Applications can be submitted elec-
        eral counsel and managing partner for  throughout Michigan will serve the board  district boundaries. Regularly scheduled  tronically or paper applications can be
        Jamjomar, Inc.  She earned her bachelors  well as the Downtown Development   board meetings take place at 8 a.m. the  printed from the website and delivered to
        degree in Sociology from the University of  District continues to grow and thrive.”  fourth Thursday of every month at  Westland City Hall.
        Michigan as well as a Juris Doctorate from  The DDA is governed by an 11-member
        Emory University and is currently work-  board appointed by the mayor, subject to  MINUTES OF REGULAR ROMULUS CITY COUNCIL MEETING
        ing on a Masters of Arts Degree from   the approval of city council. Members are                            April 22, 2019
                                                                                         Romulus City Hall Council Chambers, 11111 Wayne Rd. Romulus, MI 48174
                                CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF CANTON                            The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Pro Tem John Barden.
                                     INVITATION TO BID                                Pledge of Allegiance
                                                                                      Roll Call: Kathy Abdo, John Barden, Celeste Roscoe, Tina Talley, William Wadsworth, Eva Webb, Virginia
         NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Charter Township of Canton, 1150 Canton Center S, Canton, Michigan will accept sealed  Williams.
         bids at the Office of the Clerk up to 3:00 p.m. Thursday, May 30, 2019 for the following:  Administrative Officials in Attendance:
                                                                                      LeRoy D. Burcroff, Mayor
                               CARPET REPLACEMENT - FIRE STATIONS                     Ellen L. Craig-Bragg, Clerk
                                                                                      Stacy Paige, Treasurer
         Bids may be picked up at the Finance and Budget Department, on our website at, or you may contact Mike  1.  Moved by Talley, seconded by Abdo to accept the agenda as presented. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         Sheppard at: 734/394-5225. All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the proposal name, company
         name, address and telephone number and date and time of bid opening. The Township reserves the right to accept or reject any  19-109 2A. Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Abdo to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of the Romulus
         or all proposals. The Township does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability  City Council held on April 8, 2019. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         in employment or the provision of services.                                  19-110 2B. Moved by Wadsworth, seconded by Webb to approve the minutes of the special meeting of the
                                                                                      Romulus City Council, open session, 2019-2020 City Budget, held on April 8, 2019. Roll Call Vote: Ayes –
                                    MICHAEL SIEGRIST, CLERK                           Barden, Roscoe, Talley, Wadsworth, Webb, Williams. Nays – None. Abstain – Abdo. Motion Carried.
                                                                                      3. Petitioner
         Publish 5/16/2019                                             CN1888 - 051619  2.5 x 2.052  4. Chairperson’s Report
                                                                                      Mayor Pro-Tem Barden read the upcoming City-Wide Free Dumping dates. (Friday, May 10 th  8 am to 4 pm and
                                                                                      Saturday, May 11 th  8 am to 2 pm) Councilman Wadsworth gave a reminder of the May 10 th  Bowl-A-Thon for
                                    PLANNING COMMISSION                               the Animal Shelter.
                                CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF CANTON                            4. Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Talley to accept the Chairperson’s Report. Motion Carried Unanimously.
                                  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING                             5. Mayor’s Report
                                                                                      Mayor Burcroff presented a video of upcoming City events.
         WAYNE COUNTY, MICHIGAN.                                                      19-111 5A. (1) Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Abdo to concur with the administration and authorize a no-fee
                                                                                      permit for all Pumpkin Festival and Parade of Lights activities during the Pumpkin Festival weekend of
         NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Michigan Public Act 12 of 2008, of the State of Michigan, as amended, and pur-  September 20-September 21, 2019. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         suant to the Zoning Ordinance of the Charter Township of Canton that the Planning Commission of the Charter Township of  19-112 5A (2). Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Webb to concur with the administration and authorize the clo-
         Canton will hold a public hearing on Monday, June 3, 2019, in the First Floor Meeting Room of the Canton  Township  sure of Hunt Street between Goddard Road and Bibbins Street beginning at 8:00 a.m., the closure of Goddard
         Administration Building, 1150 S. Canton Center Road at 7:00 p.m. on the following proposed amendment to the Zoning  Road between Moore Street and the railroad tracks beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, September 20, 2019 and
         Ordinance:                                                                   ending at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 22, 2019. Motion Carried Unanimously.
                                                                                      19-113 5A (3). Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Abdo to concur with the administration and authorize the clo-
         ORDINANCE AMENDING ARTICLE 6.00 - SECTION 6.02, SITE DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS FOR NONRESIDEN-  sure of Goddard Road beginning at  Wayne Road, ending at Five Points beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Friday,
         TIAL USES TO ESTABLISH GUIDELINES FOR AIRPORT RELATED BUSINESSES; AND AMENDING ARTICLE 22.00 -  September 20, 2019, re-opening at 10:00 p.m. Friday, September 20, 2019 for the Rotary Parade of Lights.
         A SPECIAL LAND USE.                                                          19-114 5B. Moved by Wadsworth, seconded by Webb to concur with the administration and authorize the
                                                                                      mayor and and clerk to enter into the Master Educational  Affiliation  Agreement between Romulus Fire
         Written comments addressed to the Planning Commission should be received at the Canton Township Administration Building,  Department and  Schoolcraft Community College which will allow EMS students from Schoolcraft College to
         1150 Canton Center S., prior to Thursday, May 31, 2019 in order to be included in the materials submitted for review.  job shadow with the Romulus Fire Department as part of the State required clinical contact hours for the EMT
                                                                                      program. Motion Carried Unanimously.
                                                                                      19-115 5C. Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Webb to concur with the administration and award Bid ITB 18/19-
                                             Greg Greene, Chairman
          CN1885 - 051619  2.5 x 2.945       Publish: The Journal Newspaper-May 16, 2019  21 to lowest, most responsive and responsible bidder, Bidigare Co., for replacement of the water main at the
                                                                                      intersection of Beverly and Middlebelt Roads and along Ecorse Road between Middlebelt Road and Birchdale
                                                                                      Street in the amount of $1,074,043.40, along with a 10 percent contingency for unforeseen work, in the amount
                                                                                      of $107,404.34. Motion Carried Unanimously.
                                  CITY OF ROMULUS                                     19-116 5D. Moved by Abdo, seconded by Talley to concur with the administration and award Bid ITB 18/19-26
                                  ORDINANCE 19-003                                    to the lowest, most responsive and responsible bidder, GV Cement Contracting Company and authorize the
            AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE CITY OF ROMULUS CODE OF ORDI-                   mayor and clerk to enter into a three-year contractual services agreement with the company for the as-needed
           NANCES: TO MODIFY CHAPTER 30 LICENSING, ARTICLE II, GENERAL                repair and replacement of concrete in areas of major and local roads and sidewalks throughout the City as deemed
                                                                                      necessary by the Director of the Department of Public Works. Motion Carried Unanimously.
          BUSINESS REGISTRATION, SECTION 30-21 DEFINITIONS ARE AMENDED                19-117 5E. Moved by Wadsworth, seconded by Webb to concur with the administration and award Bid ITB
                TO INCLUDE SERVICES AND ISOLATED SALE OF SERVICES.                    18/19-30 to the lowest, responsive, and most responsible bidder, RNA Facilities Management and authorize the
         THE CITY OF ROMULUS ORDAINS:                                                 mayor and clerk to enter into a two-year contractual services agreement with the company for the as-needed work
         SECTION 30-21 - Definitions                                                  specified in the bid documents with all fees fixed for the term of the contract and the agreement shall terminate
                 The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the mean-  with the last cut of the 2021 mowing season. Motion Carried Unanimously.
                                                                                      Clerk’s Report
                 ings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different  A business owner spoke on Item 6A1 regarding business registration fees.
                 meaning:                                                             19-118 6A1. Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Wadsworth to approve second reading, final adoption of an ordi-
         Business is meant to include all kinds of vocations, occupations, professions, enterprises, services,  nance to amend Chapter 30, Licensing, Article II, General Business Registration, Section 30-21 to include
         establishments, and all other kinds of activities and matters, on any premises in this city, or anywhere  Services and Isolated Sale of Services. Roll Call Vote: Ayes – Abdo, Barden, Roscoe, Talley, Wadsworth, Webb.
         else within its jurisdiction; except for the isolated sale of personal need items shall not constitute a  Nays – Williams. Motion Carried.
         business.  Any business covered by the provisions of another ordinance shall not be exempt from the  19-119 6A2. Moved by Wadsworth, seconded by Roscoe to adopt a resolution to recognize the 90 th  birthday of
         provisions of this chapter.                                                  Jean Dybicki on April 23, 2019. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         This ordinance shall take effect upon publication thereof in an official newspaper, which publication  6B. Treasurer’s Report
         shall be made when the minutes passing the ordinance are published subject to revocation at will of  7.  Public Comment
                                                                                      A resident commented on the Freeman Drain.
         the City of Romulus at any time.                                             8. Unfinished Business
         COMPLETE COPY OF ORDINANCE ON FILE IN THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE, 11111         Councilman Wadsworth asked that the residents living in Oakbrook Subdivision have patience during the upcom-
         WAYNE ROAD, ROMULUS, MI.                                                     ing construction of the new road in their subdivision.
         Within forty-five (45) days after publication of any ordinance duly passed by the Council, a petition  9.  New Business
         may be presented to the Council protesting against such ordinance continuing in effect.  Said peti-  Councilman Wadsworth spoke about the speeding on Northline and Hannan Roads.
         tion shall contain the text of such ordinance and shall be signed by not less than six percent (6%) of  10.  Communication
         the registered electors registered at the last preceding election at which a Mayor of the City was  Councilwoman Webb thanked David Allison and Kevin Krause for the beautiful presentation they did in honor
         elected.  Said ordinance shall thereupon and thereby be suspended from operation and the Council  of Darnell Hearst.
         shall immediately reconsider such ordinance.                                 19-120 11. Moved by Abdo, seconded by Talley to pay Warrant 19-08 in the amount of $1,556,457.49. Motion
                                                                                      Carried Unanimously.
         Ellen L. Craig-Bragg, City Clerk.                                            12.  Moved by Wadsworth, seconded by Abdo to adjourn the regular meeting of the Romulus City Council at
         Introduced:          4/08/2019                                               9:07 p.m. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         Adopted:             4/22/2019                                               I, Ellen L. Craig-Bragg, Clerk for the City of Romulus, Michigan do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true
         Published/Effective:         5/16/2019                         RM 0396 - 051619 2.5 x 4.601  copy of the minutes of the regular meeting of the Romulus City Council held on April 22, 2019.RM 0397 - 051619 2.5 x 10.331
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