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February 7, 2019                                               ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS OF MICHIGAN                                                  PAGE 5

                              BELLEVILLE - ROMULUS

        Schools honored for energy saving efforts

           The $334,000 in cost savings wasn't the  included: high-efficiency lighting upgrades,
        only benefit the Romulus Community     installation of a new energy management
        School District realized from the energy  system, HVAC system upgrades, water con-
        savings plan and upgrades throughout   servation improvements and installation of
        school buildings. The district efforts were  a liquid pool cover at the high school.
        honored with a major energy award from   “We knew we had to do something to
        the Energy Services Coalition in       change the trajectory of our growing ener-
        November.                              gy costs in our district, said Bill Garland,
           The energy project was led by the dis-  district manager of maintenance. “We
        trict to address much-needed equipment  couldn't go on just temporarily fixing
        upgrades and repairs throughout its build-  things.”
        ings. The project utilized energy conserva-  In a collaborative effort with Honeywell,
        tion bonds, which allowed the district to  Performance Contracting Owner's
        borrow funding for 15 years. The annual  Representatives, LLC, and JLMchanical
        savings generated ultimately ensures the  successfully implemented energy improve-
        repayment of these bonds, according to  ments across seven district buildings.
        Superintendent of Schools Marjie       These contractors were instrumental in  Members of the Romulus Community Schools Board of Education and administration
        McAnally.                              performing energy audits, design engineer-  accept the Energy Savings Award.
           “Without costing taxpayers a dime,  ing, project management, performance
        we've made our district significantly more  measurement and maintenance, officials  as a project leader. “Thanks to our new sys-  team better identify malfunctioning equip-
        energy efficient,” said McAnally, of the  said.                              tem, we have much more control maintain-  ment, power usage levels and usage
        recent project. “We are very proud of the  “We were committed to reducing emer-  ing the climate and energy use in the build-  reports, according to McAnally.
        fact that district-wide upgrades also result-  gency maintenance calls from failing  ings.”                           “We were able to get DTE rebates in
        ed in $149,877 in annual operational sav-  equipment which created a condition not  Increasingly, the district faced mechani-  excess of a quarter of a million dollars
        ings.”                                 conducive for a quality educational envi-  cal failures and power outages even when  while drastically reducing our carbon foot-
           Spearheaded by McAnally and the dis-  ronment,” explained Jeff Barfield, an  weather was not a factor. The energy  print,” she said. “We are continuing to find
        trict energy bond team, improvements   HVAC service technician who also served  upgrades helped the district maintenance  ways to save money and energy.”

           Annual fashion show planned                                               Open wide...

             Advance tickets are now on sale for  son and are available by phoning   Free clinic set in Belleville
           the Belleville Area Women's Club   Chairperson DeLaney Provencher,
           annual Spring Fashion Show which   (734) 625 -0919 or from any women's
           will begin with cocktails at 6 p.m.  club member.                            Adventist Community Health is seek-  Church and will take place at Edgemont
           Tuesday, April 9 at Wayne Tree Manor.  Advance tickets priced at $35 will  ing volunteers to participate in a free  Elementary School in the gymnasium.
             Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. and  be available until March 1.        healthcare event set for 8 a.m. until 5  The school is located at 125 Edgemont
           the fashion show will begin at 8 p.m.  Wayne Tree Manor is located at     p.m. Sunday, Feb. 24 in Belleville.   St. in Belleville.
           Tickets for the event are $40 per per-  35100 Van Born Road in Wayne.        The group is seeking dentists, eye    Local coordinators of the health care
                                                                                     doctors, hygienists and dental assistants  event are Nathaniel Oregon (918) 902-
        Tour                                   quality.                              to volunteer their services for the day  9977 and Adam Woolf (734) 721-5330.
                                                                                                                           The dental vision coordinator is Randy
                                                                                     during the free service event provided
                                                 “This involved administration, our first
                                               responders, the DPW, boy scouts, the min-  to members of the community.     Griffin, DDS who can be reached at
        FROM PAGE 1                            isterial alliance, schools-there's a long list  All volunteers are covered by a  (317) 409-3260 or randy.griffin@lakeu-
                                               of everyone who participated,” she said.  $100,000 malpractice/liability policy.
                                                 Mayor Leroy Burcroff said even the     The event is sponsored by the         Information is also available at
        Gretchen Whitmer.                      cold weather did not turn people away.  Belleville Seventh-day Adventist
           City Clerk Ellen Craig-Bragg, who     “I was impressed with the number of
        helped coordinated the event, said she  walkers,” he said. “It was a cold morning,    To subscribe to The Eagle call 734-467-1900.
        even received feedback from state officials  but there were a lot of people who wanted
        later that day who were impressed with its  to walk.”

                                      January 14, 2019
            Romulus City Hall Council Chambers, 11111 Wayne Rd. Romulus, MI 48174
         The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Pro Tem John Barden.
         Pledge of Allegiance
         Roll Call: Kathy Abdo, John Barden, Celeste Roscoe, Tina Talley, Eva Webb, William Wadsworth, Virginia
         Administrative Officials in Attendance:
         LeRoy D. Burcroff, Mayor
         Ellen L. Craig-Bragg, Clerk
         Stacy Paige, Treasurer
         1.  Moved by Talley, seconded by Abdo to accept the agenda as presented. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         19-010 2A. Moved by Wadsworth, seconded by Abdo to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of the
         Romulus City Council held on January 7, 2019. Roll Call Vote: Ayes – Abdo, Roscoe, Talley, Wadsworth, Webb,
         Williams. Nays – None. Abstain – Barden. Motion Carried.
         19-011 2B. Moved by Abdo, seconded by Talley to approve the minutes of the special meeting of the Romulus
         City Council held on January 7, 2019 – Open Session, Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC) Grant.
         Roll Call Vote: Ayes – Abdo, Roscoe, Talley, Wadsworth, Webb, Williams. Nays – None. Abstain – Barden.
         Motion Carried.
         3. Petitioner
         4. Chairperson’s Report
         Mayor Pro Tem Barden thanked Chairwoman Pro Tem Tina Talley for filling in for himat the last Council meet-
         19-012 4A. Moved by Williams, seconded by Wadsworth to adopt a memorial resolution for the family of John
         Frank Losen, Sr. Roll Call Vote: Ayes – Abdo, Barden, Roscoe, Talley, Wadsworth, Webb, Williams. Nays –
         None. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         19-013 4B. Moved by Talley, seconded by Webb to adopt a memorial resolution for the family of Ronald
         Collins. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         19-014 4C. Moved by Talley, seconded by Roscoe to adopt a memorial resolution for the family of Earl Cliff
         Beem. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         19-015 4D. Moved by Wadsworth, seconded by Roscoe to adopt a memorial resolution for the family of Georgia
         Rose Hughes. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         4. Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Talley to accept the Chairperson’s Report. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         5. Mayor’s Report
         Mayor Burcroff presented a video of upcoming City events.
         19-016 5A. Moved by Wadsworth, seconded by Webb to concur with the administration and authorize the
         mayor and clerk to enter into a grant agreement between the State of Michigan – Michigan Indigent Defense
         Commission (MIDC) and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and the City of Romulus
         from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019 with a local share of $54,215.
         Discussion: Councilwoman Williams asked Police Captain Monte if the City will be responsible for any over-
         ages of funds and he replied yes; however, the Finance Dept. will monitor the transactions Motion Carried
         19-017 5B.  Moved by  Webb,  seconded by Roscoe  to concur with the administration and introduce Budget
         Amendment 18/19-20 to recognize anticipated revenues to be received from Michigan Indigent Defense
         Compliance Plan Grant Funding and set up the anticipated line item budget for additional operational expenses
         for FY 2018/19.  Any revenues in excess of expenditures will roll over into fund balance and will be utilized for
         the FY 2019/20 budget according to the State of Michigan’s grant period.
         Discussion: Councilwoman Williams asked Police Captain Monte if any officers will be taken off the street to
         comply with the Compliance Plan and Cost  Analysis; and, Captain Monte replied no.  Motion Carried
         6A. Clerk’s Report
          City Clerk Ellen Craig-Bragg announced the annual Martin Luther King Day Walk/Celebration that will be  held
         on Monday, January 21, 2019 beginning at 7:30 a.m. with a continental breakfast at the Middle School.
         19-018 6A1. Moved by Wadsworth, seconded by Talley to reappoint Donald Morris and John Clark to the Board
         of Zoning Appeals:
         Donald Morris, regular member – three-year term to commence July 1, 2018 and expire on June 30, 2021. John
         Clark, alternate member – two-year term to commence July 1, 2018 and expire on June 30, 2020. Discussion:
         Councilwoman Williams asked why the reappointments are being requested so far after the expiration dates of
         their terms. Councilwoman  Webb said she will ask the Planning Director about the reappointments.
         Councilwoman Abdo asked for a complete list of the Boards and Commissions. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         6B. Treasurer’s Report
         7.  Public Comment
         Oscar Arbleu, representative from Rashida Tlaib’s office, spoke about satellite offices for Congresswoman Tlaib.
         8. Unfinished Business
         Councilman  Wadsworth asked if residents will be notified before the  Wick Road Project starts and Mayor
         Burcroff replied that yes they will be notified; and, notices will be posted on social media, etc.
          9.  New Business
         Councilwoman Williams said she has received complaints about the wording of the introduction that is read
         before Number 7 on the agenda, Public Comment.
         10.  Communication
         Councilwoman Talley thanked Councilwoman Williams for the delicious food she provided for the 13 th  District
         quarterly meeting. Councilwoman Talley also gave a reminder that the annual Soul Food Dinner will be held on
         Feb. 7, 2019.
         19-019 10A. Moved by Williams, seconded by Webb to adopt a resolution to recognize City of Romulus resi-
         dent, Sharon  Walker, upon receiving an award from the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party
         Organization. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         11.  Moved by Wadsworth, seconded by Abdo to adjourn the regular meeting of the Romulus City Council.
         Motion Carried Unanimously.
         I, Ellen L. Craig-Bragg, Clerk for the City of Romulus, Michigan do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true
         copy of the minutes of the regular meeting of the Romulus City Council held on January 14, 2019.
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