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Doggone fun
Canine bakery hosts benefit for animal shelter
GaryAtkinson is amanwith a lot of “best friends.”
Many of them crowd his Three Dog Bakery along with
their owners every day, hoping to entice him into a few
free samples of the popular dog treats produced at the
store .
“Everything wemake is 100 percent human quality and
is all USDA inspected,” Atkinson said. “No sugar, no salt,
just healthy stuff for dogs.”
While Three Dog Bakery has been on Forest Street in
Plymouth for about nine years, Atkinson and his wife,
Camille, bought the franchise shop about three years ago.
“It's a family business,” Atkinson said. “My wife is here
usually about one day a week and my son, Nathan, 23,
works here, too.”
One other “employee” is Atkinson's West Highland
White Terrier who is on hand at the store every day. His
wages, however, are measured in broken treats which
have to be shared with the other Atkinson family pet, a
border collie, blackLabradormix.
“He doesn't come to the store. He doesn't get along too
well with other dogs,” Atkinson said.
Atkinson, fully aware that not every dog has a life that
includes the specialized treats he produces, will be host-
ing a benefit for Waggin' Tails Dog Rescue from 11 a.m.
Gary Atkinson of Three Dog Bakery and son, Nate, tempt
store mascot Mac with some of their homemade baked