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               THE BELLEVILLE          Patience urged in Canton road repair

               Vol. 133, No. 49                         Julie Brown                             ”                                County.
            Adventist Community                          Staff Writer                We're not fixing potholes                     “We're not fixing potholes
          Health is seeking volunteers                                                                                           with any of this millage
          to participate in a free        Canton Township Supervi-                with any of this millage money.                money,” Williams told resi-
          healthcare event set for 8   sor Pat Williams urged resi-                                                              dents. “You've got to ride
          a.m. until 5 p.m. Sunday, Feb.  dents to be patient regarding                    Pat Williams                          Wayne County hard.”
          24 in Belleville.            road repairs, noting there are                                                              Tim Faas, Canton director of
                          See page 5.  about 480 lane miles of road-  August primary election, to be  er-elect for the Wayne County  municipal services, explained
                                       way involved.                 divided among local county,   Board of Commissioners, noted  30 percent of millage money is
                                          “It's a 20-year plan so it will  primary county and state  during public comments,     allocated to local county roads,
                  THE CANTON           not be overnight,” he said fol-  roads. At the study session, res-  “Maybe in 2020 we'll see  55 percent to primary county
             EAGLE                     lowing a Nov. 27 study session  idents asked members of the  Sheldon on the list and      roads, and 15 percent to state
               Vol. 71, No. 49         at which a number of residents  Canton Board of Trustees    Haggerty.” Road repairs and   roads, for an annual program
                                                                                                   projects are handled by differ-
                                                                                                                                 total of $5,506,872.That total
                                       spoke. “It will require the com-
                                                                     about local road upgrades as
            Four long-time veterans of  munity to have patience.”    well as major roads including  ent units of government, with  doesn't include the $165,300
          the Canton Township Public      Canton voters approved 1.45  Haggerty and Sheldon.       Williams noting past difficul-
          Safety Department have       mills for roads during the      Melissa Daub, commission-   ties in working with Wayne              See Roads, page 3
          retired, including three
          police veterans and one      Legal opinion
          member of the fire depart-
                          See page 3.  County prosecutor speaks to

                THE INKSTER            Northville Town Hall audience
          LEDGER STAR
          LEDGER STAR
                                                                       The office also has an Elder
               Vol. 71, No. 49                          Julie Brown  Abuse Unit (“although it's not
                                                         Staff Writer
            Residents are invited to                                 very old as I get closer to that
          join the Inkster Police         Wayne County Prosecutor    age,” she said of 65), Homicide,
          Department for a cup of cof-  Kym Worthy, whose office han-  and Domestic Violence Units.
          fee and conversation during  dles 41 percent of all Michigan  “We really have a rampant
          Coffee With A Cop set for 10  felony trials, knows the “CSI”  domestic violence problem in
          a.m. Thursday, Dec. 20.      television show influences    Wayne County. We have to be
                          See page 5.  jurors.                       able to prove the case in court.
                                          “We just want jurors to listen  These are cases we take very
                                       to what the facts are,” she said of  seriously,” she said of the nearly
                  THE NORTHVILLE       that show portraying dramatic  9,000 cases this year.
             EAGLE                     ease in finding fingerprints.   Worthy discussed school vio-
               Vol. 18, No. 16         “Disavow yourself of precon-  lence, and her staff's work with
                                       ceived notions of how a criminal
                                                                     law enforcement to curtail it.
            Fast response from the     trial is done. Come in with an  She distributed a letter to the
          Northville Township Fire     open mind.”                   audience, translated into
          Department is credited for      Worthy, a former Wayne     Spanish and Arabic, urging par-
          limiting the damage at a     County Circuit Court judge    ents to talk to children about
          garage fire Nov. 24 in an area  who's headed up the prosecu-  making such threats.
          with no fire hydrants.       tor's office since 2003, has served  “Almost every municipality in
                          See page 2.  on a jury. “It really helped me  Wayne County has experienced
                                       prosecute cases. That experi-  these,” she said. Often, threats                     Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy
                                       ence as a juror made me a bet-  are made via social media or to  addressing school safety issues,”  hit” of a genetic profile with a
                  THE PLYMOUTH         ter prosecutor,” she said.    classmates. All are investigated,  he said.                 name. “We still have to put the
             EAGLE                     Town Hall meetings last week  with warrants issued to see if  untested rape kits discovered in  case together,” she said, again
                                                                                                     Worthy spoke about the11,341
                                          Worthy began a series of
                                                                     guns or bomb-making materials
                                                                                                                                 noting it's unlike television. “But
               Vol. 18, No. 49         by speaking to a crowded audi-  are on hand.                Detroit.                      it's a useful tool. When we do
            Anyone interested in       torium at Northville Township   “Sometimes they do it and     “We have them almost all    this, we get hits from other
          applying to fill the unexpired  Hall. After outlining the work of                                                      states.”
          term of Patty Mullen on the  her office, she answered a num-                          ”                                  That's led to arrests, she
          Plymouth Canton Board of     ber of audience questions. The           We really have a rampant domestic                added, with only 10 U.S. states
          Education can submit a let-  town halls will continue, includ-        violence problem in Wayne County.                not impacted by the Wayne
          ter of interest until Dec. 10.   ing in Detroit neighborhoods.                                                         County rape kit testing.
                          See page 2.     Her office handles 18,000-         Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy                  “Michigan has led the way” and
                                       22,000 felony cases a year, with                                                          been bipartisan on this issue,
                                       Worthy praising diversion pro-                                                            she said. “So this is our way of
                   THE ROMULUS         grams for some, such as first-  they think it's funny,” Worthy  tested. We now have legislation  making sure this never, ever,
             ROMAN                     time juvenile offenders who can  said, adding a cautionary note  that deals with that as well.”  ever happens again,” she added
                                       have their record expunged by
                                                                                                     That evidence has led to
                                                                     that university acceptances have
                                                                                                                                 of bar coding to share data
               Vol. 133, No. 49        meeting certain conditions.   been revoked following such   locating 833 suspected serial  across jurisdictions.
                                          The Child Abuse Unit is    threats.                      rapists, and 152 convictions. She  Said Canton Public Safety
            An Inkster man is facing
          multiple felony charges in   staffed by those with special   Northville Township Public  noted   the   U.S.   Justice  Director Joshua Meier after
          connection with the armed    training. “Many children in   Safety Director Todd Mutchler  Department helped with grants,  Worthy spoke, “I thought it was
          robbery of a Romulus couple  child abuse cases as you know  said he felt the letter was effec-  as did others, including Wayne  great.” Canton Township
          and the shooting of the      are threatened with their lives,”  tive.                    County Commission support.    Supervisor Pat Williams noted
          female victim.               said Worthy, noting the serious-  “I really think this letter the  Worthy noted DNA evidence
                          See page 5.  ness of these cases.          prosecutor put together is    from the kits can yield a “direct       See Worthy, page 2
                                       Romulus development efforts win honors

                  THE WAYNE
             EAGLE                        The City of Romulus                                                                    helps a city grow,” said Timothy
               Vol. 71, No. 49         received the highest possible         Economic development helps a city grow.             Keyes, Romulus' long-time eco-
            Tim Cokley of Lighthouse   rating for efforts contributing to                                                        nomic development director.
                                                                                                                                 “It's a key function of municipal
                                       entrepreneurial growth and
          Home Missions which serves   economic development in the          It's a key function of municipal government.         government. Our team has
          the homeless in both Wayne   state.                                                                                    experience and knowledge of
          and Westland discussed the      Romulus was the only down-                      Timothy Keyes                          local and regional development
          need for help at the shelter  river-area community to earn a                                                           issues. We work smart and hard
          recently.                    five-star rating during the annu-  townships are doing to spur  “The City of Romulus recog-  every day to meet the needs of
                          See page 4.
                                       al eCities study conducted by  growth and how we can contin-  nizes the importance of eco-  the business community and
                                       researchers at iLabs, the     ue to support their efforts in  nomic development, business  our residents.”
                                       University   of   Michigan-   developing business and       attraction and retention and    Romulus was recognized for
                  THE WESTLAND         Dearborn Center for Innovation  encouraging entrepreneurs,”  bringing jobs to the community,”  implementing a policy for culti-
             EAGLE                     Research.                     said iLabs Director Tim Davis.  said Romulus Mayor LeRoy D.  vating relationships with the
                                                                       Romulus was acknowledged
                                          The main thrust of the study
               Vol. 71, No. 49         is best business practices and  Nov. 29 during the Center for  Burcroff. “The importance of  local business community that
                                                                                                                                 includes four key initiatives:
                                                                                                   our focus cannot be overstated.
            Westland police investiga-  innovations implemented by   Innovation Research executive  We don't do it for awards, but we  • Business-to-business meet-
          tors are attempting to identi-  local government, a spokesman  speaker series, which discussed  are grateful for the recognition  and-greet gatherings.
          fy a man who grabbed a pair  explained.                    Michigan economic growth,     by such a prestigious organiza-  • City-hosted job fairs with
          of Cartier glasses off the face  “By analyzing these high-per-  including key areas such as cap-  tion as UM-Dearborn's Center  visibility to Romulus residents
          of the owner last month.     forming communities, our goal  ital, infrastructure, industry and  for Innovative Research.”
                          See page 4.  is to showcase what cities and  the ecosystem.                “Economic development                 See Award, page 5

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