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PAGE 4                                                         ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS OF MICHIGAN                                           March 14, 2019


        Teen facing murder

        charges in shooting

           A 16-year-old is facing murder charges  investigation and no further details will
        in the shooting death of an Inkster teen  be given at this time,” according to the
        last month.                            prosecutor's statement.
           Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy    Wooten has been charged with sec-
        has charged Daylon Jamar Wooten, 16, of  ond-degree murder, possession of a
        Dearborn Heights in connection with the  stolen firearm, carrying a concealed
        homicide of James Newman, 17, of       weapon and felony firearm
        Inkster.                                 Wooten has been charged as “adult
           According to reports from the prosecu-  designated” which means that if he is
        tor's office, Wooten was in the 24700 block  convicted of the homicide, the judge has
        of Lehigh in Dearborn Heights with     the discretion of sentencing him as a
        Newman at about 1:30 a.m. Feb. 26 when  juvenile, as an adult , or if the sentence
        the two men had a dispute. Both were   will be a combined  juvenile and adult
        armed with handguns, according to offi-  sentence.
        cial reports of the incident. Prosecutors  Wooten was remanded to the Wayne
        allege that Wooten fatally shot Newman  County Juvenile Detention Facility fol-
        during the heated confrontation.       lowing a preliminary court hearing on
           Newman was transported to a local   the charges last Wednesday. A prelimi-   Security appointment
        hospital by two men at the scene and was  nary court examination on the charges
        later pronounced dead.                 was scheduled for today before Wayne     Inkster Police Chief William T. Riley, right, was appointed last week by Gov.
           “Aspects of the case remain under   County Circuit Court Edward Joseph.      Gretchen Whitmer to serve on the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center for
                                                                                        Homeland Security Advisory Board. The Intelligence Operation Center is tasked
                                                                                        with collecting, evaluating and analyzing information to identify and address
        Fires                                  Tobacco and Firearms), and police from   threats of terrorism or criminal activity. Riley, whose term will last until April 2020,
                                                                                        was chosen to represent local police departments and the Michigan Association
                                               both Inkster and Dearborn Heights exe-
                                               cuted a search warrant at Diedo's home   of Chiefs of Police. State Rep. Jewell Jones (D-Inkster), left, said he was strongly
                                                                                        in favor of the appointment. “Growing up in Inkster and serving as a reserve
        FROM PAGE 1                            last week, a list of evidence implicating  police officer for the city, I've had the distinct honor to work with Chief Riley for
                                               him was discovered, according to police.  many years. He has always held deep-seated respect and understanding for the
        within a mile of his home, investigators  Officers discovered clothing matching that  people he serves, as anyone who knows him will tell you. The people of
        said.                                  shown in the surveillance videos, a      Michigan can rest assured that there is no person more qualified to work with
           Diedo was arrested in March last year  Molotov cocktail, plastic jugs matching  state and local officials to keep our families safe.” Archive photo courtesy of
        when he was suspected of stealing license  those shown in the surveillance videos,  House Democrats
        plates from vehicles and was charged   Gatorade bottles filled with gasoline and
        with forgery, a felony, officials said.  bricks tied to ropes in a manner used to
           When members of the ATF (Alcohol,   assist in throwing the brick.          MINUTES OF REGULAR ROMULUS CITY COUNCIL MEETING
                                                                                                                  February 25, 2019
                                                                                         Romulus City Hall Council Chambers, 11111 Wayne Rd. Romulus, MI 48174
                                                                                      The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Pro Tem John Barden.
                                                                                      Pledge of Allegiance
                                                                                      Roll Call: Kathy Abdo, John Barden, Celeste Roscoe, Tina Talley, Eva Webb, Virginia Williams.
                                                                                      Excused: William Wadsworth.
                                                                                      Administrative Officials in Attendance:
                                                                                      LeRoy D. Burcroff, Mayor
                                                                                      Ellen L. Craig-Bragg, Clerk
                                                                                      Stacy Paige, Treasurer
                                                                                      1.  Moved by Talley, seconded by Abdo to accept the agenda as presented. Motion Carried Unanimously.
                                                                                      19-042 2A. Moved by Abdo, seconded by Roscoe to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of the Romulus
                                                                                      City Council held on February 11, 2019. Motion Carried Unanimously.
                                                                                      19-043 2B. Moved by Abdo, seconded by Roscoe to approve the minutes of the special meeting of the Romulus
         Notice of Public Hearing                                                     City Council held on February 11, 2019 – closed session, attorney opinion; and open session, City Quarterly
                                                                                      Investment Report. Roll Call Vote: Ayes – Abdo, Barden, Roscoe, Webb, Williams. Nays – None. Abstain –
         CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF PLYMOUTH, MI                                             Talley. Motion Carried.
                                                                                      3. Petitioner
                                                                                      4. Chairperson’s Report
         APPLICATION NO.:   2324-1118
                                                                                      4. Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Talley to accept the Chairperson’s Report. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         APPLICATION:   Text Amendment to the Charter Township of Plymouth Zoning Ordinance No. 99 by Amending Article  5. Mayor’s Report            th
                        VI: R-1-E, R-1-H, R-1-S, R-1, One Family Residential Districts, section 6.4: Development   Mayor Burcroff read and presented a proclamation to recognize Dave and Judy Rakotz on their 50  anniversary
                        Requirements                                                  of conducting business as Dave’s Barber Shop in the City of Romulus. Councilwoman Abdo read a resolution on
                                                                                      behalf of City Council congratulating Dave and Judy Rakotz and to also recognize their many contributions to
         PROPOSED ACTION: Consideration and Recommendation of a Text Amendment to Article VI: R-1-E, R-1-H, R-1-S, R-1,   this community. Mayor Burcroff presented a video of upcoming City events.
                        One Family Residential Districts, section 6.4: Development Requirements of the Zoning Ordinance   19-044 5A1. Moved by Abdo, seconded by Roscoe concur with the administration and authorize the purchase
                        No. 99
                                                                                      of the V-Viper 911 system (including all related hardware and software ) and authorize the mayor and clerk to
                                                                                      enter into both the five year software support/maintenance contract and the four year equipment maintenance
         DATE OF HEARING: Tuesday, April 9, 2019
                                                                                      contract for the PSAP from the sole source provider AT&T/West at an initial cost of $141,631. Motion Carried
         TIME OF HEARING:  7:00 P.M.                                                  Unanimously.
                                                                                      19-045 5A2. Moved by Webb, seconded by Roscoe to concur with the administration and authorize the exten-
         PLACE OF HEARING: Plymouth Township Hall, Town Hall Meeting Room,  9955 N. Haggerty Road, Plymouth, MI 48170  sion of contracts for the software maintenance/support contract and for the equipment maintenance contract, fol-
                                                                                      lowing their initial contract terms, until such time that the equipment is replaced. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Trustees of the Charter Township of Plymouth is considering a text amend-  19-046 5B. Moved by Webb, seconded by Abdo to concur with the administration and authorize the mayor and
         ment to the Zoning Ordinance, No. 99, to Article VI: R-1-E, R-1-H, R-1-S, R-1, One Family Residential Districts, section 6.4:  clerk to enter into a contract for services not to exceed $57,799.23 with Quandel Consultants for evaluation of
         Development Requirements, as related to fence standards, at a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees. This includes consider-
         ation of an increase to the maximum height of protective and security fencing, material standards, definitions, maintenance,  the existing conditions and make recommendations regarding possible solutions as specified in RFP 18/19-18 for
         appearance of fences and the like.                                           the CSX railroad crossings shared by the City of Romulus and Huron Township. Councilwoman Abdo asked if
                                                                                      the City will be reimbursed and Mayor Burcroff said yes – by SEMCOG. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that persons interested may attend the public hearing and/or send correspondence regarding  19-047 5C. Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Abdo to concur with the administration and authorize the mayor and
         the application to Plymouth Township Hall, to the attention of Clerk Jerry Vorva. Pertinent information relative to the applica-  clerk to enter into a contract for the 2019 pavement marking program with P.K. Contracting, Inc. for pavement
         tion is on file at Plymouth Township Clerk's Office and may be viewed during regular business hours from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30  marking services with the same terms and conditions and pricing of the previous bid to R.S. Contracting
         P.M.                                                                         (acquired by P. K. Contracting).  Terms of the contract to expire on September 30, 2019.  Motion Carried
         The Charter Township of Plymouth will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services to individuals with disabilities
         at the public hearing upon one weeks advance notice by writing or calling the Supervisor's Office, 9955 N. Haggerty Road,  19-048 5D. Moved by Abdo, seconded by Webb to concur with the administration and authorize a one-year
         Plymouth, MI 48170; (734) 354-3201.                                          extension of Bid ITB 15/16-18, contractual services agreement with Environmental Testing & Consulting for the
                                                                                      pricing and terms of the original contract for hazardous materials testing of residential, commercial, and indus-
         Jerry Vorva, Clerk                                                           trial properties to be demolished.   Terms of the contract extension will be through May 15, 2020.  Motion
         Charter Township of Plymouth                                                 Carried Unanimously.
                                                                                      19-049 5E. Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Abdo to concur with the administration and amend the current con-
         Publish by: March 14 2019                                  PT0235 - 031419  2.5 x 4.704  tract with George W. Auch Company, the City’s Construction Manager for the court project, by an additional
                                                                                      $499,798 for all of the sub-contracted trade work. Motion Carried Unanimously.
                                                                                      19-050 5F.  Moved by  Abdo,  seconded by Talley  to concur with the administration and introduce Budget
                      CITY OF ROMULUS INVITATION TO BID                               Amendment 18/19-22 to pay the Detroit Regional Aerotropolis annual dues at the beginning of the calendar year.
                                                                                      FUND/DEPT.                                                       CURRENT
                 ITB 18/19-26 THREE YEAR AS NEEDED CONCRETE REPAIR                    Tax Increment Financing Authority
                ITB 18/19-30 TWO YEAR GRASS/WEED CUTTING CONTRACT                     Expense
                              FOR ORDINANCE DEPARTMENT                                297-728-807.000  Membership & Dues  25,000                      25,000      50,000
                                                                                      Fund Balance
                                                                                      297-000-390.000  Fund Balance            1,015,235  (25,000)          990,235
         The City of Romulus, Michigan is seeking bids from qualified companies for the above item/items  To pay the Detroit Regional Aerotropolis annual dues at the beginning of the calendar year.  (This is an adjust-
         and/or services.                                                             ment to the timing of the annual payment.)
                                                                                      Mayor Burcroff brought up the news regarding a neighboring community who the City of Romulus shares a com-
         (1) Qualified individuals and firms wishing to submit a bid must use the forms provided by the City.  mon vendor for rehabilitation of homes – and he asked City Attorney Steve Hitchcock to speak about the matter.
            Official bid forms and specifications may be obtained from the MITN Purchasing Group page  Mr. Hitchcock said that he and HR Director, Kevin Losen, will be reviewing the contract with Realty Transitions;
            of BidNet Direct ( Bids may be rejected unless made on the forms  and, at this point he does not see any issues with the contract.  He also mentioned that campaign contributions
            included with the bidding documents. Copies of documents obtained from any other source are  are fine as long as they are in accordance with the State Campaign Finance laws.  He informed that there is cur-
            not considered official copies.                                           rently no work scheduled with Realty Transitions for 2019. Motion Carried Unanimously.
         (2) Clarifications, modifications, or amendments may be made to this solicitation at the discretion  6A. Clerk’s Report
                                                                                      19-051 6A1.  Moved by  Roscoe,  seconded by Abdo  to approve second reading, final adoption of Budget
            of the City.  Any and all addenda issued by the City will be posted on the MITN Purchasing  Amendment 18/19-21, Court Debt Service Fund, which was introduced at the Council meeting of February 11,
            Group page of BidNet Direct.  All interested parties are instructed to view the MITN website  2019. Motion Carried Unanimously.
            regularly for any issued addenda.  It is the responsibility of the bidder to obtain all issued adden-  19-052 6A2. Moved by Abdo, seconded by Webb to schedule a study session for Monday, March 25, 2019 at
            da and acknowledge receipt of said addenda by including a printed copy of each addendum as  7:00 p.m. for the State of the Library Address by City Librarian Patty Braden. Motion Carried Unanimously.
            part of the required documents for this solicitation and to list the addendum and sign and date  6B. Treasurer’s Report
            the “Acknowledgment of Receipt Addenda Form: supplied in the bid documents.  City Treasurer, Stacy Paige, informed that the last day to pay 2018 taxes at city hall is Thursday, February 28,
         (3) A total of three copies (one marked “Original” and two marked “Copy”) of the bid must be sub-  2019.  Starting March 1 the 2018 taxes will have to be paid at Wayne County.
            mitted together in one sealed package/envelope and returned to the City Clerk's Office no later  7.  Public Comment
                                                                                      A resident spoke about the kindness she was shown by Dave and Judy Rakotz many years ago when her father
            than 2:30 P.M., Tuesday, 4/2/2019.  Bids should be addressed using the bid package label pro-  was ill. She also complimented the roads crew from the City DPW Department for the great job they did keep-
            vided in the ITB documents.                                               ing the roads plowed during the recent snow and ice storms. Oscar D. Arbulu, Legislative Case Worker, from
         (4) At approximately 2:45 p.m., local time all timely received bids will be publicly opened and read.   Congresswoman Tlaib’s office gave an update of what the congresswoman is working on at the current time and
         (5) The successful Bidder will be required to submit proof of all bonds and insurance required by  encouraged anyone who has a question or concern to contact him at 313-938-2340. Freman Hendrix advised that
            the ITB documents and copies of all required endorsements.                he represents the citizens of Romulus on the Great Lakes  Water Authority Board and the Regional  Transit
         (6) The City reserves the right to postpone the opening without notification and also reserves the  Authority Board.
            right to reject all bids and to waive any minor informality or irregularity in bids received and to  8. Unfinished Business
            award the bid in whole or in part. Ultimately, a contract may be awarded to the lowest most  9.  New Business
            responsive and responsible company, as determined in the sole discretion of the City of Romulus  Councilwoman Williams informed of a program the City of Detroit has regarding properties for first-time home-
                                                                                      buyers. Mayor Burcroff said his intent is to get families in homes and would be open to any information pre-
            or otherwise in a manner deemed by the City to be in its own best interest.  sented to him.
         (7) For additional information contact Lynn A, Conway, City of Romulus, Purchasing Director, or  10.  Communication
            Gary Harris, Purchasing Department Buyer by calling (734) 955-4568 or by emailing  Councilwoman Talley spoke about the success of the soul food dinner.
                                                  19-053 10A. Moved by Williams, seconded by Roscoe to adopt a memorial resolution for the family of Cynthia
         (8) The City of Romulus strictly prohibits the reproduction or publishing of any published document  Cole. Motion Carried Unanimously.
            or solicitation without the express written consent of the City of Romulus.  Unauthorized post-  19-054 11. Moved by Abdo, seconded by Talley to pay Warrant 19-04 in the amount of $1,982,524.79. Motion
            ing of any notice of these documents or reference to said documents or solicitations is strictly  Carried Unanimously.
            prohibited.                                                               12.  Moved by Roscoe, seconded by Webb to adjourn the regular meeting of the Romulus City Council. Motion
                                                                                      Carried Unanimously.
                                                                                      I, Ellen L. Craig-Bragg, Clerk for the City of Romulus, Michigan do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true
         Publish: 3/14/2019
                                                                      RM0381 - 031419  2.5 x 6.102  copy of the minutes of the regular meeting of the Romulus City Council held on February 25, 2019.
                                                                                                                                                   RM 0378 - 031419 2.5 x 12.863
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