2018-2019 Proposed Budget--04-05-18

Case #2207--01-18-18

Case #2206, #2206A, #2206B--01-18-18

Study Session Record of Attendance--01-11-18

Council Meeting Record of Attendance--01-11-18

Ordinance No. 109-N--01-11-18

Mtg. 1 1/2/18--01-11-18

Petition #2867--12-28-17

Goose Control Services--12-28-17

MTG. 24 12/18/17--12-28-17

2018 Fire and Police Service Commission Meeting Dates--12-28-17

Regular meeting schedule 2018--12-14-17

Mtg. 24 12/4/17--12-14-17

ITB Official Newspaper--12-07-17

2017 December Board of Review--11-30-17

Mtg. 23 11/20/17--11-30-17

Ordinance No. 248 – A-84--11-30-17

Scotty’s & Wackro--11-30-17

ITB Smoke Detectors--11-16-17

Notice of Meeting Case #1663C--11-16-17

MTG. 22 11/6/17--11-16-17

Notice of Election--10-26-17

Public Accuracy Test--10-26-17

MTG. 21 10/16/17--10-26-17

Schedule ZBOA--10-26-17

ZBOA Petition #2863-C #2864-B--10-26-17

ITB Coldpatch--10-19-17

Parks and Recreation: Master Plan--10-19-17

SYNOPSIS OF MINUTES MTG. 19 10/2/17--10-12-17

Notice of Civil Service Testing--10-05-17

MTG. 18 9/18/17--09-28-17

Zoning Board of Appeals7--09-28-17

ITB Jefferson Barns HVAC--09-28-17

Notice of Last Day of Registration--09-28-17

ITB Westland Senior Center Tile Replacement--09-28-17

Synopsis MTG. 17 9/5/17--09-14-17

Case #2205 and Case #2205A--09-14-17

Zoning Board of Appeals--08-31-17

MTG. 16 8/21/17--08-31-17

Ordinance No. 248-A-83--08-17-17

MTG. 15 8/7/17--08-17-17

Case #2204--08-17-17


Lacy Street Lighting Costs--08-03-17

Lacy Street Lighting 2--08-03-17

ITB 75 Foot Ladder Truck--08-03-17

Notice of Public Accuracy Test--07-27-17

Synopsis of Minutes MTG. 14 7/17/17--07-27-17

ZBA Petition #2853-C--07-27-17

Sand, Slag, and Gravel--07-27-17

Ordinance No. 194-B--07-27-17

Notice of Election --07-27-17

ITB Lincoln Field – Paving Services--07-20-17

Housing Choice--07-20-17

Case #2130C, #2130D--07-13-17

Case #2202A--07-13-17

Synopsis of Minutes --07-13-17

Ordinance No. 5-A-9--07-13-17

Zoning Board of Appeals--07-06-17

Synopsis MTG. 12 6/19/17--06-29-17

RFP Outfitting 6 Police Patrol Vehicles--06-29-17

Notice of Last Day of Registration--06-29-17

Ordinance No. 248 – A-82--06-29-17

ITB Ice Arena/Senior Center Roofing Project--06-22-17


Notice Summer Tax Bill--06-15-17

Synopsis MTG. 11 6/5/17--06-15-17

Notice of Meeting--06-15-17

Zoning Board of Appeals--06-01-17

MTG. 10 5/15/17--05-25-17

Street Lighting System Lacy Street--05-25-17

Ordinance No. 29-W-26-23--05-25-17

Case #1336G--05-18-17

Case #999C--05-18-17

Case #1443A--05-18-17

MTG. 9 5/1/17--05-11-17

Invitation to bid--04-13-17

Petition #2852 Westland Shopping Center--04-13-17

Public Hearing - Brownfield Plan--04-13-17

MTG. 7 4/3/17--04-13-17

Notice of Meeting Case #1306C, #1306D--04-13-17

Notice of Meeting Case #1531L, #1531M--04-13-17

RFP Ice Arena Interior and Exterior Painting--04-13-17

ITB Mulch Supply & Install --04-13-17

Notice of Public Hearing--04-06-17

ITB Farmers Market--04-06-17

Grass Cutting Services--03-30-17

Regular Zoning Board of Appeals --03-30-17

Synopsis of Minutes MTG. 6 3/20/17--03-30-17

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services--03-30-17

City Hall Landscaping Services--03-23-17

Zoning Board of Appeals--03-23-17

MTG. 5 3/6/17--03-16-17

Currier Avenue Street Lighting--03-16-17

Case #1634B--03-16-17

2017 March Board of Review--03-09-17

2017 March Board of Review --03-02-17

Sale of Cell Tower--03-02-17

Zoning Board of Appeals--03-02-17

Synopsis of Minutes MTG. 4 2/21/17--03-02-17

2017 March Board of Review--02-23-17

2017 Animal Licenses--02-16-17

Tree Planting--02-16-17

Jefferson Barns Community Center--02-16-17

Synopsis of Minutes Mtg. 3 2/6 17--02-16-17

Fire Fighter--02-16-17

Westland Housing Commission--02-16-17


Case #136C--02-16-17

Case #702B, Case #703C, Case #702D--02-16-17

Case #2203--02-16-17

Emergency Dispatchers--02-09-17

Laborer Positions--02-09-17

2017 Animal Licenses--02-09-17

Zoning Board of Appeals--02-02-17

Qualifications for General Contractor Services--02-02-17

Synopsis of Minutes MTG. 2 1/17/17--01-26-17