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many dinners in one Sunday, ready by
11 a.mand solduntil the 10,500 dinners
are sold.
“There are about 100 Rotary Club
members, and most of them are active
and help, and then we have high
school volunteer groups from the band
and sports groups. We try to keep that
at a one adult to each 10 students ratio
along with adult volunteers who come
with the students. There are easily 600-
700 volunteers who help make this
happen,” he said.
Sullivan, who commutes from
Dexter, said his wife, Karen, is one of
the unsung heroes of the event with
her support of the 100 or so hours he,
and the other committee members,
have each spent on the barbeque.
A Rotary Club member since 2006,
he joined the barbeque committee not
long after he joined the club. He said
he would do it again without hesita-
“A lot of people might be scared off
by this but I really recommend other
people do it. The number of people
you meet and the relationships you
develop are invaluable.
“You have to be impressed by this
event. This may be the biggest
fundraiser of the year for the Rotary
Club and we use the money for schol-
arships in the community, but this is
really a day of community. So many of
the other community clubs are
involved. Everybody loves Plymouth
on Chicken Sunday,” he said, “and it is
the entire community that makes it
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Mike Sullivan, chairman of the Rotary Club Chicken Barbeque Committee and
committee members Bill Weber, Jeff Stella, Rick Eisenminger, Mike Muma, Kent
Early and Caroline Mayer and 2013 chairman Paul Opdyke are eady for Chicken
Sunday Sept. 7.