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Chicken Sunday
Barbeque chairman credits entire community for festival success
Mike Sullivan may be the man
responsible this year for the successful
preparation of 10,500 dinners on
Chicken Sunday, but to him the Fall
Festival is a celebration of community.
“Rotary may be the cornerstone of
the event, but this is a project of the
whole community. It is really impres-
sive seeing all the community groups
come together, all the volunteers. This
is a real community event,” he said.
Sullivan, who works in business
banking at the Plymouth PNC bank,
has served his time on the Chicken
Barbeque committee of the afternoon
Rotary Club for seven years prior to
being named chairman of the group
this year. Taking on the stewardship of
the 59-year-old tradition isn't a job to
be taken lightly, but Sullivan said it is
really a committee effort. Those mem-
bers, Bill Weber, Jeff Stella, Rick
Eisenminger, Mike Muma, Kent Early
and Caroline Mayer will, respectively,
work their way to the chairmanship,
just as Sullivan did. Next year, he will
simply be an adviser to the group in
case of any unforeseenproblems.
While the goal is to operate the
preparation, packaging, sale and deliv-
ery of the dinners smoothly, Sullivan
said the committee members each
spend many long hours on the task,
starting in March for the September
“It's a lot more than just barbeque
Sunday,” Sullivan said. “We have a lot
of events and jobs leading up to the big
Among those “events” is the annual
Mike Sullivan
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