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Back to the Future
Fall Festival Committee aims for more ‘community’ involvement
The Plymouth Fall Festival Committee members have
their eyes on the future of the event, while very carefully
guarding the traditions of the past.
It's that past that may be the key to attractingmore partici-
pation in the event andmore community involvement which
the committee members, President Eric Joy, Vice president
Frank Agostini, Treasurer Michael Richardson and
Secretary Scott Harris hope to see. This year, James Geitzen
of JAG Entertainment worked closely with the committee to
plan the entertainment and find sponsors.
The committee members envision an old-fashioned mid-
way for the event next year with attractions like dunk tanks,
a pie-in-the-face contest, a ring toss for little ones, a guess-
your-weight and guess-your-age-booth, and loads of other
activities thatmarked a simpler time.
“Our goal is tomake it more affordable for the community
groups to participate,” said Joy, who is heading the festival
for the second time this year. “We've sort of lost that commu-
nity involvement that used to set the festival apart from oth-
ers and I'd like to get that back.”
Agostini and Geitzen couldn't agreemore, although all the
committeemembers realized that therewas no time tomake
the change this year and get the community and school
groups involved. “It was just too late,” Joy said. “The kids are
only back in school for a few days before the festival every
year, sowe knewwe had to organize this year for next year.”
To that end, Agostini said, there will be an information
booth set up downtown where smaller groups from schools,
like clubs or teams, can sign up to be part of the old-fash-
ionedmidway next year at a very reasonable price.
Agostini said he remembers his first Fall Festival when
the streets were literally lined with booths from these small
clubs. As the recession hit, the clubs couldn't afford to partic-
ipate, but the time has come to get themback, he said.
“This festival was known as the main fundraiser every
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James Geitzen, Frank Agostini and Eric Joy