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Show offs
Annual Optimists’ Pet Show is a ‘sure winner’ for all
One of the oldest andmost popular
events at the Fall Festival will take
place again this year starting at 9 a.m.
in front of the stage inKelloggPark.
That's when the Optimist Club
members will host the annual Pet
Show, an attraction the clubmembers
have been hosting at the festival for
more than 40 years, according to
Michael Cox, president of the club.
“One of the judges this year won a
prize many years ago when she
entered her goat,” Cox said. “We've
seen all kinds of pets at the show,
year after year.”
This year Karen Ochman, the for-
mer goat owner, and Jill Andra
Young, a professional pet photogra-
pher, will judge the pets in categories
such as longest tail, shortest tail,
longest ears, curliest coat, best
dressed, best tricks and just about
any other distinction they can think
up to ensure that the young competi-
tors have a great time at the show.
“I heard that one year we had a
Boa Constrictor almost as long as the
stage,” Cox said, but I didn't see that.
Every year, we get all kinds of pets,
birds, dogs, cats, reptiles, just about
anything you can think of.”
The event usually attracts 20-25
young people with their pets,
depending on the weather, The show
also takes place early in the morning,
with the first judging taking place at 9
a.m. First up for the scrutiny of the
judges will be the dogs, but every
entrant usually finds themselves with
a prize even if the judges need to find
a special category for their pet.
The next category will be cats,
which usually begins about 9:45,
depending on the number of canine
entries. After the felines, the judges
will take a look at reptiles and other
categories. First, second and third
prizes are awarded in nearly all cate-
gories, unless there aren't enough
“We like the kids to show up early
to register their pets,” Cox said, “so
we tell them to get to the area by 8:45
a.m.” There is no fee and the event is
free to the public.
The rules are very liberal, Cox
said, and the show is sponsored by
the club for the entertainment and
enjoyment of the youngsters who
enter with their pets. “We want them
to have a good time,” he said. The
entire show takes about an hour and
a half and is as enjoyable for the
audience as the entrants.
“It really is fun towatch,” Cox said,
“and every entry is awinner.”
The Optimists Club has been
active inPlymouth since 1949 and the
late Bill Saxton was one of the found-
“Our motto is Friend of Youth,”
Cox said, “and that's what we try to be
with our activities. We raise money
for the youth in the Plymouth Canton
The Optimist Club donates to the
Plymouth Historical Museum, First
Step, the YMCA, Friends of the Penn,
several area food banks, the
Salvation Army, Miracle League of
Plymouth, the Methodist Children's
Home and funds several scholarships
at thehigh school.