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two decades. He started as a volunteer at the event more
than 20 years ago, then he became secretary of the commit-
tee, served as vice-president for a few years and took on the
role of president for the first time last year.
As president, Joy, 40, is ultimately responsible for just
about everything that goes on at the event.
He, along with committee members Frank Agostini, Scott
Harris and Mike Richardson, has spent countless hours
meeting and planning the event, which they hope will
appear to have simply happenedwithout effort.
The Fall Festival, Joy said, is a completely volunteer
effort and the people working behind the scenes and during
the event are all donating their time. When the volunteers at
the Rotary Chicken Barbeque are added to the total, he said
there are probably more than 1,500 volunteers working on
the event each year.
Joy said that all the hours seem more than worthwhile,
however, when he walks through the event, or rides through
on a golf cart, and sees families enjoying the music in the
park or up in front of the bandstanddancing.
“Watching families enjoy the event really brings it home
for me. Seeing the kids get their faces painted, watching the
kids shuck corn for the barbeque, just seeing people have a
good timemakes every bit of it worthwhile,” he said.