2017 March Board of Review--02-23-17

2017 Animal Licenses--02-16-17

Tree Planting--02-16-17

Jefferson Barns Community Center--02-16-17

Synopsis of Minutes Mtg. 3 2/6 17--02-16-17

Fire Fighter--02-16-17

Westland Housing Commission--02-16-17


Case #136C--02-16-17

Case #702B, Case #703C, Case #702D--02-16-17

Case #2203--02-16-17

Emergency Dispatchers--02-09-17

Laborer Positions--02-09-17

2017 Animal Licenses--02-09-17

Zoning Board of Appeals--02-02-17

Qualifications for General Contractor Services--02-02-17

Synopsis of Minutes MTG. 2 1/17/17--01-26-17