Trowbridge Land Holdings--03-30-17

Anderson, Eckstein and Westrick, Inc.--03-30-17

Contact Paintball--03-30-17

Public Notice--03-16-17

Request for Sealed Bids Landscape --03-16-17

Zoning Board of Appeals--03-16-17

Property Tax Millage Rate--03-16-17


Zoning Board of Appeals--02-23-17

PUD Option--02-23-17

Property Tax millage Rate--02-23-17

Zoning Board of Appeals --02-16-17


Assesment Board of Review--02-16-17

Modern Method Construction--02-02-17

Mr. Nazir Jawich--02-02-17

2017 CDBG--02-02-17

2017 Board of Trustee Meeting --01-19-17

Overflow or backup of Sewage--01-19-17

Overflow or backup of Sewage--01-12-17


Special Land Use App 2225-1216--12-29-16

Special Land Use App 2226-1216--12-29-16

2016 Winter Taxes--12-15-16

Notice of Public Hearing--11-23-16

Public Notice--11-10-16

Zoning Board of Appeals--11-10-16

Ordinance No. 99.024--11-03-16

Notice of Public Hearing--10-27-16

State of General Election--10-20-16

Zoning Board of Appeals--10-13-16

State General Election--10-13-16

Public Notice--10-06-16

Ordinance to repeal Chapter 2 Article II--10-06-16

Notice of Public Hearing--09-29-16

notice of the Close of Registration--09-29-16

Public Notice--09-22-16

Public Notice--09-08-16

Regular Meeing Dates--09-08-16

Planning Commission--09-01-16

Public Notice (1 of 2)--09-01-16

Public Notice Agendas/Minutes--08-04-16

Notice of Public Hearing Arc--07-28-16

Notice of Public Hearing Ind--07-28-16

State Primary Election--07-21-16

Proposed Amendment to Judgment--07-21-16

BOT Meeting Notice--07-14-16

Zoning Board of Appeals--07-14-16

Hunters Creek--07-14-16

Deer Creek--07-14-16


Plymouth Township Water Quality Report--07-07-16

Hunters Creek--07-07-16

Deer Creek--07-07-16


Public Test--06-30-16

Proposed Amendment to Judgment--06-30-16

Amendment 18 to Ordinance No. 1016--06-23-16

Zoning Board of Appeals--06-16-16

Notice of the Close of Registration--06-16-16

2016 Sidewalk Repair--06-09-16

Notice of special assessments--06-09-16

Public Notice--06-09-16

2016 Sidewalk Repair--06-02-16

Notice of Public hearing--06-02-16

Notice of special assessments--06-02-16

Public Notice--05-12-16

Zoning Board of Appeals--05-12-16

Ordinance No. 99.022--05-05-16

Ordinance No. 99.023--05-05-16

Planning Commission--04-28-16

Public Notice Agendas and Minutes--04-21-16

Ordinance No. 99.021--04-21-16

Public Notice--04-07-16

Necessity Deer Creek--03-31-16

Necessity Hunters Creek--03-31-16

Amended Zoning Map No. 18--03-31-16

Request approval of Special Land Use--03-31-16

Necessity Deer Creek--03-24-16

Necessity Hunters Creek--03-24-16

Zoning Board of Appeals--03-17-16

Public Notice--03-10-16

Necessity Hunters Creek--03-03-16

Necessity Deer Creek--03-03-16

Presidential Primary Election--02-25-16

Planning Commission--02-25-16

Public Notice CDBG--02-18-16

Primary Election--02-18-16

Assessment Board of Review--02-18-16

Assessment Board of Review--02-11-16

Zoning Board of Appeals--02-11-16

Necessity Ply Commons--01-28-16

Notice of the Close of Registration--01-28-16

Public Notice Agendas/Minutes--01-28-16

2016 CDBG Funds--01-28-16

Necessity Ridgewood Hills--01-28-16

Planning Commission--01-28-16

Proposed Test Amendment 013--01-28-16


2016 CDBG--01-21-16

Sewage Disposal System--01-14-16

Public Notice--12-24-15

Winter Taxes--12-17-15

Notice of Public Hearing--12-10-15

Property Tax Millage--11-25-15

Public Notice--11-19-15

Property tax millage--11-19-15

Planning Commission--11-19-15

Public Notice--10-29-15

Notice of Speical Election--10-22-15

Public Notice--10-08-15

Regular Meeting Dates--10-08-15

Board Proceedings--10-08-15

Public Notice--10-01-15

Public Test--10-01-15

Planning Commission--10-01-15

Notice of Adoption--10-01-15

Close to Registration--09-17-15

Ethics Ordinance--09-17-15

Public Notice--09-03-15