Access to public meetings--07-30-15

B.L.O.C.K. Youth & Teen Center--07-30-15

Access to public meetings--07-23-15

Board Proceedings--07-23-15

Access to public meetings--07-16-15

All American Pet Resort--07-16-15

Group 10 Commercial Center--07-16-15

Neimiec Rezoning--07-16-15

Regency at Canton--07-16-15

Access to public meetings--07-09-15

Access to public meetings--07-02-15

Program Coordinator Services--07-02-15

Auditing Services--07-02-15

Board Proceedings--07-02-15

Access to public meetings--06-25-15

Design & Construction of the DPW Training Room--06-25-15

Theater Audio System--06-25-15

Access to public meetings--06-18-15

Zoning Board of Appeals agenda--06-18-15

Board Proceedings--06-18-15

Demars/Tuttle Rezoning--06-18-15

Michigan Avenue Auto Service--06-18-15

Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment--06-18-15

Access to public meetings--06-11-15

Board Proceedings--06-11-15

Access to public meetings--06-04-15

Board Proceedings--06-04-15

Sidewalk Improvements--06-04-15

Access to public meetings--05-28-15

Access to public meetings--05-21-15

Board Proceedings--05-21-15

2015 Annual Meeting--05-21-15

Access to public meetings--05-14-15

Demars/Tuttle Rezoning--05-14-15

Verizon Wireless--05-14-15

5 Year Consilidated Plan--05-14-15

Housing Rehabilitations--05-14-15

Paving Improvements--05-14-15

Access to public meetings--05-07-15

Heritage Park ADA Pathway--05-07-15

Board Proceedings--05-07-15


Access to public meetings--04-30-15

Fari Oaks Drive & Suffolk Court 2015 Water--04-30-15

Access to public meetings--04-23-15

Zoning Board of Appeals--04-23-15

Election Notice--04-23-15

Tennis Court Improvement--04-23-15

Canton Board Proceedings--04-23-15

Access to public meetings--04-16-15

Automated External Defibrillators--04-16-15

Intent to request relase of funds--04-16-15

Board Proceedings--04-16-15

Access to public meetings--04-09-15

Access to public meetings--04-02-15

PY2015 CDBG Action Plan--04-02-15

Notice of Public Accuracy Test--04-02-15

Floor Drain Reconstruction--04-02-15

State :obbying and Information Services--04-02-15

Kubota Cab--04-02-15

Franza Forklifts--04-02-15


Board Proceedings--04-02-15

Access to public meetings--03-26-15

Notice of Close of Registration--03-26-15

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--03-26-15


Email Platform Upgrade--03-26-15

Access to public meetings--03-19-15

2015 Sidewalk--03-19-15

Noxious Weeds--03-19-15

Crystal Village--03-19-15

Priority One Emergency--03-19-15

Grass Fire--03-19-15

Access to public meetings--03-12-15

Noxious Weeds--03-12-15

Purchase of 1 Inch Soft Copper (K) Tubing--03-12-15


Summit on the Park--03-12-15

Access to public meetings--03-05-15

2015 Sidewalk--03-05-15

Board Proceedings--03-05-15

Painting Services--03-05-15

Printing Services--03-05-15

Beck Road--03-05-15

Consulting Services--03-05-15

Access to public meetings--02-26-15

Sewage Disposal--02-26-15

Board of Review--02-26-15

Access to public meetings--02-19-15

Board of Review--02-19-15

Zoning Board of Appeals--02-19-15

Sewage Disposal--02-19-15

Fertilizer and Plant Protectants--02-19-15

Board Proceedings--02-19-15

Access to public meetings--02-12-15

Bus Transportation--02-12-15

Board Proceedings--02-12-15




Board of Review--02-12-15

Access to public meetings--02-05-15

Community Development Block Grant--02-05-15

Internet Perimeter Firewalls--02-05-15

Legal Notices and Classified Publications--02-05-15

Liquid Calcium Cloride Dust Control--02-05-15

Access to public meetings--01-29-15

Access to public meetings--01-22-15

Board Proceedings--01-22-15

Greenfield Die--01-22-15


Zoning Board of Appeals--01-22-15

Access to public meetings--01-15-15

Antioch Senior Housing--01-15-15

TDM Holdings--01-15-15

Westbury Estates--01-15-15

Access to public meetings--01-08-15

Chapter 70--01-08-15

Access to public meetings--01-02-15

Indoor Cycling Equipment--01-02-15

Access to public meetings--12-26-14

Zoning Ordinance Text--12-26-14

Access to public meetings--12-18-14

Zoning Board of Appeals--12-18-14

Board Proceedings--12-18-14

Access to public meetings--12-11-14

Access to public meetings--12-04-14

Board Proceedings--12-04-14

Access to public meetings--11-26-14

Access to public meetings--11-20-14

Special Board Meeting Proceedings--11-20-14

Commerce Road Lift Station--11-20-14

Access to public meetings--11-13-14

Westbury Estates--11-13-14

Notice of Public Hearing--11-13-14

Access to public meetings--11-06-14

Board Room Upgrade--11-06-14

Board Proceedings--11-06-14

CDBG Advisory Council--11-06-14

Access to public meetings--10-30-14

Avid Editing Workstations--10-30-14

Access to public meetings--10-23-14

Notice of Election--10-23-14

Zoning Board--10-23-14

Board Proceedings--10-23-14

Access to public meetings--10-16-14

Kroger Site--10-16-14


2015 Meeting Schedule--10-16-14

Jimmy John's--10-16-14


HD Studio Camera--10-16-14

Snow Removal--10-16-14

Cardiac Monitors--10-16-14

Extrication Tools--10-16-14

Access to public meetings--10-09-14

Notice of Public Accuracy Test--10-09-14

Access to public meetings--10-02-14

Notice of Public Hearing - NBJX USA--10-02-14

Notice of Public Hearing - Advance Engineering--10-02-14

Notice of Public Hearing - K & Y--10-02-14

Board Proceedings--10-02-14

Board Proceedings--10-02-14

Access to public meetings--09-25-14

Close of Registration--09-25-14

Signh Sabha--09-25-14

Board Proceedings--09-25-14

River Hill--09-25-14

Access to public meetings--09-18-14

Singh Sabha of Michigan--09-18-14

River Hill Ridge--09-18-14

Board Proceedings--09-18-14

Commerce Road Lift Station--09-18-14

Access to public meetings--09-11-14

Access to public meetings--09-04-14

Board Proceedings--09-04-14

Access to public meetings--08-28-14

Printing Shop Canton--08-28-14

Public Hearing--08-28-14

Public Comment Period--08-28-14

Access to public meetings--08-21-14

Hidden Cove--08-21-14

Board Proceedings--08-21-14

The Church of Jesus Christ--08-21-14

Shop Canton Guide--08-21-14

Zoning Board--08-21-14

Access to public meetings--08-14-14

Access to public meetings--08-07-14

Notice of Public Hearing--08-07-14

Invitation to bid--08-07-14

Board Proceedings--08-07-14

Access to public meetings--07-31-14

Discover Printing--07-31-14

Property Tax Millage--07-31-14

Access to public meetings--07-24-14

Zoning Board of Appeals--07-24-14

Board Proceedings--07-24-14

Notice of Election--07-24-14

Access to public meetings--07-17-14

Antioch Senior Housing--07-17-14

Professional Services--07-17-14

Notice of Public Hearing Board of Trustees--07-17-14

Board Proceedings--07-17-14

Access to public meetings--07-10-14

Access to public meetings--07-03-14

Board Proceedings--07-03-14

Public Accuracy Test--07-03-14

Access to public meetings--06-26-14

2015 Sidewalk Repair--06-26-14

Close of Registration--06-26-14

Purchase of Cardiovascular Equipment--06-26-14

Access to public meetings--06-19-14

Osbourne Rezoning--06-19-14

Legacy Estates--06-19-14

Zoning Board--06-19-14

Board Proceedings--06-19-14

Access to public meetings--06-12-14

Content Management System--06-12-14


Board Proceedings--06-12-14

Access to public meetings--06-05-14

Canton Board Proceedings--06-05-14

Access to public meetings--05-29-14

Garden Villas--05-29-14

River Hill--05-29-14

Access to public meetings--05-22-14

Trail System Sign--05-22-14

Board Proceedings--05-22-14

Access to public meetings--05-15-14

Access to public meetings--05-08-14

Notice of Public Hearing--05-08-14

Public comment Period--05-08-14

Access to public meetings--05-01-14

Board Proceedings--05-01-14

Access to public meetings--04-24-14

Notice of Intent--04-24-14

Board Proceedings--04-24-14

Access to public meetings--04-17-14


Morton Taylor Estates--04-17-14

Rosewood Place--04-17-14

Zoning Board--04-17-14

Board Proceedings--04-17-14

Access to public meetings--04-10-14

Access to public meetings--04-03-14


Board Proceedings--04-03-14

Access to public meetings--03-27-14

Board Proceedings--03-27-14

PY201 CDBG Action Plan--03-27-14

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--03-27-14

Noxious Weeds--03-27-14

Access to public meetings--03-20-14

2014 Sidewalk Repair--03-20-14

Skelton Rezoning--03-20-14

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--03-20-14

Board of Trustee--03-20-14

Bagger Dave's--03-20-14

Parkside Estates--03-20-14

Board Proceedings--03-20-14

Uptown Planned--03-20-14

Noxious Weeds--03-20-14

Access to public meetings--03-13-14

Access to public meetings--03-06-14

Board Proceedings--03-06-14

2014 Heritage Park ADA--03-06-14

Overflow or Back Up--03-06-14

Access to public meetings--02-27-14

2014 Sidewalk Repair--02-27-14

Board of Review--02-27-14

CDE Collision Center--02-27-14

West Canton Properties--02-27-14


Board Proceedings--02-27-14

Access to public meetings--02-20-14

ZBA Agenda--02-20-14

Board Proceedings--02-20-14

Board of Review--02-20-14

Fertilizer and plant protectants--02-20-14

Printing ShopCanton Guide--02-20-14

Theater light Board & Fixtures--02-20-14

Tree Maintenance Project--02-20-14

Spring 2014 Tree Planting Program--02-20-14

Access to public meetings--02-13-14

Board or Review--02-13-14


2014 Gasoline & Diesel Fuel--02-13-14

Roofing Consultant Service--02-13-14

Mowing and Lawn Care--02-13-14

Access to public meetings--02-06-14

Bus Transportation Services--02-06-14

Access to public meetings--01-30-14

Board Proceedings--01-30-14

Access to public meetings--01-23-14

Board Proceedings 01/11/2014--01-23-14

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--01-23-14

Board Proceedings 01/14/2014--01-23-14

2014 Sidewalk Repair--01-23-14

Access to public meetings--01-16-14

Parkside Estate--01-16-14

Hamlet Phase--01-16-14

Canton Retail--01-16-14

Access to public meetings--01-09-14

Access to public meetings--01-02-14

Access to public meetings--12-19-13

Canton Retail Development--12-19-13

Hamlet Phase 3--12-19-13

Parkside Estates--12-19-13

Board Proceedings--12-19-13

Access to public meetings--12-12-13

Board Proceedings--12-12-13

Printing of the Focus--12-12-13

Access to public meetings--12-05-13

Demolition Service--12-05-13

Board Proceedings--12-05-13

Access to public meetings--11-27-13

Access to public meetings--11-21-13

Planning Commission--11-21-13

Board Proceedings--11-21-13

Access to public meetings--11-14-13

Plymouth Canton Middle School--11-14-13

Access to public meetings--11-07-13

Board Proceedings--11-07-13

Access to public meetings--10-31-13

Fire Station #2--10-31-13

Notice of Public Hearing--10-31-13

Board Proceedings--10-31-13

Access to public meetings--10-24-13

Cardiovascular Fitness Equipment--10-24-13

Board Proceedings--10-24-13

Access to public meetings--10-17-13

Corpprate Park Overlay--10-17-13

Lake Rezoning--10-17-13

Hickory Ridge--10-17-13

Custodial Services--10-17-13

Board Proceedures--10-17-13

Access to public meetings--10-10-13

Access to public meetings--10-03-13

Community Needs--10-03-13

Tony Sacco's--10-03-13

Board Proceedings--10-03-13

Access to public meetings--09-26-13

Housing Rehabilitation--09-26-13

Board Proceedings--09-26-13

Access to public meetings--09-19-13

Digital Video Camera--09-19-13

Zoning Board Agenda--09-19-13

Willow Brook Village--09-19-13

Plymouth Canton Middle School--09-19-13

TDM Holdings East--09-19-13

TDM Holdings West--09-19-13

Board Proceedings--09-19-13

Access to public meetings--09-12-13

Community Development Block Grant--09-12-13

Access to public meetings--09-05-13

Board Proceedings--09-05-13

Access to public meetings--08-29-13

Consolidated Annual Performance--08-29-13

Commercial Door Service--08-29-13

CDBG Advisory--08-29-13

Board Proceedings--08-29-13

Property Taz Millage--08-29-13

Access to public meetings--08-22-13

TDM Holdings--08-22-13

Board Proceedings--08-22-13

Access to public meetings--08-15-13

Access to public meetings--08-08-13

Access to public meetings--08-01-13

Printing Services--08-01-13

Board Proceedings--08-01-13

Access to public meetings--07-25-13

Access to public meetings--07-18-13

Zoning Board--07-18-13

Website Redesign--07-18-13

Lucas Zoning--07-18-13



Board Proceedings--07-18-13

Access to public meetings--07-11-13

Tree Maintenance Project--07-11-13

Tree Removal Project--07-11-13

Access to public meetings--07-03-13

Repainting of Decorative Streetlights--07-03-13

Access to public meetings--06-27-13

Zoning Board--06-27-13

Board Proceedings--06-27-13

Access to public meetings--06-20-13


Zoning Board of Appeals--06-20-13

Board Proceedings--06-20-13

Access to public meetings--06-13-13

Lexington Square--06-13-13



Video Server--06-13-13

Board Proceedings--06-13-13

Access to public meetings--06-06-13

Lexington Square--06-06-13


6-18 Community Development--06-06-13

CDBG 2013 Annual Plan--06-06-13

Board Proceedings--06-06-13

Access to public meetings--05-30-13

Access to public meetings--05-23-13

Zoning Board of Appeals--05-23-13

Professional Management--05-23-13

Column Lift System--05-23-13

Board Proceedings 5-23--05-23-13

Board Proceedings 5-9--05-23-13

Access to public meetings--05-16-13

Canton Historical Museum--05-16-13

2013 Wethersfield Condo--05-16-13

2013 Lexington Square--05-16-13

Engineering Consulting--05-16-13

All American Pet--05-16-13

St. Thomas A' Becket--05-16-13

Request for Variance--05-16-13

Demmer Quick Lane--05-16-13

Access to public meetings--05-09-13


Lexington Square--05-09-13

Access to public meetings--05-02-13

Board Proceedings--05-02-13


Lexington Square--05-02-13

Access to public meetings--04-25-13

Notice of intent--04-25-13

Board Proceedings--04-25-13

Access to public meetings--04-18-13

Notice of Public Accuracy Test--04-18-13

Election Notice--04-18-13

Board Proceedings--04-18-13

Zoning Board--04-18-13

Housing Rehabilitations--04-18-13

2013 Misc Asphalt and Concrete Paving--04-18-13

2013 Misc Project 2--04-18-13

Access to public meetings--04-11-13

Carpet Flooring--04-11-13


Access to public meetings--04-04-13

Board Proceedings/a>--04-04-13

PY2013 CDBG Action Plan/a>--04-04-13

Access to public meetings--03-28-13

Zoning Board of Appeals--03-28-13

Notice Close of Registration--03-28-13

Board Proceedings--03-28-13

PY2013 CDBG Action Plan--03-28-13

Noxious Weeds--03-21-13

2013 Sidewalk Repair--03-21-13

Access to public meetings--03-21-13

Zoning Board of Appeals--03-21-13

Board Proceedings--03-21-13

Sheldon Estates--03-21-13

Access to public meetings--03-14-13

Board Proceedings--03-14-13

Purchase of 1 in soft copper--03-14-13

Noxious Weeds--03-14-13

Access to public meetings--03-07-13

Invitation to bid--03-07-13

Board Proceedings--03-07-13

Access to public meetings--02-28-13

Board of Review Appointments--02-28-13

2013 Sidewalk Repair--02-28-13

Access to public meetings--02-21-13

Board of Review Appointments--02-21-13


Notice of public hearing--02-21-13

Access to public meetings--02-14-13

Board of Review Appointments--02-14-13

Schultz Rezoning--02-14-13

Busch's Food Market--02-14-13



Board Proceedings--02-14-13

Towing Services--02-14-13

Access to public meetings--02-07-13

Board Proceedings--02-07-13

Bus Transportation Services--02-07-13

Fertilizers & Plant Solutions--02-07-13

Community Development--02-07-13

Access to public meetings--01-31-13

Board Proceedings--01-31-13

Access to public meetings--01-24-13

Board Proceedings--01-24-13

Zoning Board of Appeals--01-24-13

Landscape Maintenance--01-24-13

Sprint-Summer 2013 Shop Canton--01-24-13

Access to public meetings--01-17-13

CBS Boring--01-17-13

Spring 2013 Tree Planing--01-17-13

Board Proceedings--01-17-13

Access to public meetings--01-10-13

Access to public meetings--12-27-12

Wethersfield Condo--12-27-12

Lexington Square--12-27-12

Access to public meetings--12-20-12

Zoning Board of Appeals--12-20-12

Board Proceedings--12-20-12

Wethersfield Condo--12-20-12

Hertz Car--12-20-12

Gies & Nicol Rezoning--12-20-12

Henderson Glass--12-20-12

Rock Auto--12-20-12

Lexington Square--12-20-12

Access to public meetings--12-13-12

Pheasant Run--12-13-12

Access to public meetings--12-06-12

Board Proceedings--12-06-12

Ruby Buffet--12-06-12

Access to public meetings--11-29-12

Board Proceedings--11-29-12

Consulting Engineering--11-29-12

Access to public meetings--11-21-12

Zoning Board of Appeals--11-21-12

Board Proceedings--11-21-12

Access to public meetings--11-15-12

Consulting Services--11-15-12

2013 Meeting Schedule--11-15-12

Planning Commission--11-15-12

Access to public meetings--11-08-12

Board Proceedings--11-08-12

Access to public meetings--11-01-12

Board Proceedings--11-01-12

Access to public meetings--10-25-12

Accuracy Test--10-25-12

Election Notice--10-25-12

Access to public meetings--10-18-12

Signh Rezoning--10-18-12

B.A.P.S Mandir Temple--10-18-12

Canton Friendship Church--10-18-12

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--10-18-12

Board Proceedings--10-18-12

Discover Printing--10-18-12

Paving Renovation--10-18-12

Housing Rehabilitation--10-18-12

Access to public meetings--10-11-12

Police Range Training Simulator--10-11-12

Board Proceedings--10-11-12

Access to public meetings--10-04-12

Notice of Public Hearing--10-04-12

Board Proceedings--10-04-12

Access to public meetings--09-27-12

Housing Rehabilitations--09-27-12

Notice of Close of Registration--09-27-12

Access to public meetings--09-20-12

Precor Cardiovascular Equipment--09-20-12

Notice of Public Election--09-20-12

Board Proceedings--09-20-12

Property Tax Millage Rate--09-20-12

Access to public meetings--09-13-12

Evaluation Report--09-13-12

Access to public meetings--09-06-12

Future Land Use--09-06-12

Board Proceedings--09-06-12

CDBG Advisory Council--09-06-12

Access to public meetings--08-30-12

Access to public meetings--08-23-12

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--08-23-12

Custom Municipal Street Banners--08-23-12

Notice of Public Accuracy Test--08-23-12

Election Notice--08-23-12

Board Proceedings--08-23-12

Demmer Variance--08-23-12


ABC Warehouse--08-23-12

Demmer Quick Lane--08-23-12

Access to public meetings--08-16-12

Fall 2012-Winter 2013 Shop Canton--08-16-12

2012 Water Capitol Imp.--08-16-12

Access to public meetings--08-09-12

Access to public meetings--08-02-12


Access to public meetings--07-26-12

Public Accuracy Test--07-26-12

Election Notice--07-26-12

Miscellaneous Concrete Paving--07-26-12

Board of Trustees--07-26-12

Access to public meetings--07-19-12

West Canton Properties III--07-19-12

BP Lube Center--07-19-12

West Canton Properties II--07-19-12

Zoning Board of Appeals--07-19-12

Board Proceedings--07-19-12

Notice of Public Hearing--07-19-12

Access to public meetings--07-12-12

Access to public meetings--07-05-12

Administration Building--07-05-12

DDA Electrical--07-05-12

Board Proceedings--07-05-12

Access to public meetings--06-28-12

Notice of close of registration--06-28-12

Board Proceedings--06-28-12

Access to public meetings--06-21-12

Zoning Board--06-21-12

Last Day voter Registration--06-21-12

Access to public meetings--06-14-12

Board Proceedings--06-14-12

Access to public meetings--06-07-12

Access to public meetings--05-31-12

Access to public meetings--05-24-12

Zoning board of appeals--05-24-12

Request for Proposal--05-24-12

Board Proceedings--05-24-12

Access to public meetings--05-17-12

Block Grant Program--05-17-12

Release of Funds--05-17-12

Board Proceedings--05-17-12

Access to public meetings--05-10-12

Request for proposal--05-10-12

Access to public meetings--05-03-12

Board Proceedings April 17--05-03-12

Board Proceedings April 24--05-03-12

Access to public meetings--04-26-12

2012 Annual Plan--04-26-12

PY2012 CDBG Action Plan--04-26-12

Access to public meetings--04-19-12

Greenfield Dye--04-19-12

Board Proceedings--04-19-12

Michigan Ave. Auto Service--04-19-12

6300 Haggerty--04-19-12

Singh Executive Park--04-19-12

Access to public meetings--04-12-12

Access to public meetings--04-05-12

Demolition Services--04-05-12

Liquid Calcium--04-05-12

Board Proceedings--04-05-12

Access to public meetings--03-29-12

Noxious Weeds--03-29-12

Community Development Block Grant--03-29-12

Board Proceedings--03-29-12

Access to public meetings--03-22-12

Zoning Board--03-22-12

Board Proceedings--03-22-12

Access to public meetings--03-15-12

Communication Center--03-15-12


Life Covenant--03-15-12

Singh Executive Park--03-15-12

Access to public meetings--03-08-12

2012 Sidewalk Repair--03-08-12

Notice to Residents--03-08-12

Access to public meetings--03-01-12

Notice of Intent--03-01-12

Notice to Residents--03-01-12

Board Proceedings--03-01-12

Access to public meetings--02-23-12

Board of Review--02-23-12

Engineering design--02-23-12

Printing & Mailing Guides--02-23-12

Condemnation Quality--02-23-12

Board Proceedings--02-23-12

Notice of Intent--02-23-12

2012 Board of Review--02-23-12

Access to public meetings--02-16-12

Board of Review--02-16-12

Election Notice--02-16-12

Notice of Public Accuracy Test--02-16-12

Access to public meetings--02-09-12

Tree Planting Program--02-09-12

Well Pump--02-09-12

Rental of Liberty Fest tents--02-09-12

Board of Review--02-09-12

Access to public meetings--02-02-12

Notice of Public Hearing--02-02-12

Truck Mounted CCTV--02-02-12

Vending Services--02-02-12

Board Proceedings--02-02-12

Access to public meetings--01-26-12

Bus Transportation Services--01-26-12

Fertilzers & Plant Protectants--01-26-12

Studio Rental--01-26-12

Access to public meetings--01-19-12

Notice of the Close of Registration--01-19-12

Access to public meetings--01-12-12

Access to public meetings--01-05-12

Board Proceedings--01-05-12

Access to public meetings--12-29-11

Access to public meetings--12-22-11

Board Proceedings 12/15--12-22-11

Board Proceedings 12/13--12-22-11

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--12-22-11

Access to public meetings--12-15-11

Notice of Public Hearing--12-15-11

Access to public meetings--12-08-11

Board Proceedings--12-08-11

Access to public meetings--12-01-11

Canton Leisure Services--12-01-11

Board Proceedings--12-01-11

Access to public meetings--11-23-11

Board Proceedings--11-23-11

Housing Rehabilitation--11-23-11

Access to public meetings--11-17-11

Zoning Board--11-17-11

Access to public meetings--11-10-11

Access to public meetings--11-03-11

Leisure Services Five Year Master Plan--11-03-11


Board Proceedings--11-03-11

Access to public meetings--10-27-11

Notice of Public Accuracy Test--10-27-11

Election Notice--10-27-11

Board Proceedings--10-27-11

Access to public meetings--10-20-11


Release of Funds--10-20-11

Board Proceedings--10-20-11

CDBG Advisory Council--10-13-11

Access to Public Meetings--10-13-11

2012 Meeting Schedule--10-13-11

Access to Public Meetings--10-06-11

Merit Technologies--10-06-11

Greenfield Die & Manufacturing--10-06-11


Board Proceedings--10-06-11

Access to Public Meetings--9-29-11

Block Grant--9-29-11

Close of Registration--9-29-11

Board Proceeding--9-29-11

Access to Public Meetings--9-22-11

Board Proceedings--9-22-11

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--9-22-11

Access to Public Meetings--9-15-11

Board Proceedings--9-15-11

Access to Public Meetings--9-08-11

Consolidated Annual Performance--9-08-11

Access to Public Meetings--9-01-11

Board Proceedings--9-01-11

Board Proceedings--8-25-11

Access to Public Meetings--8-25-11

Board Proceedings--8-25-11

Access to Public Meetings--8-18-11

Notice of Intent to request release of funds--8-18-11

Board Proceedings--8-18-11

Access to Public Meetings--8-11-11

Board Proceedings--8-11-11

Access to Public Meetings--8-11-11

Access to Public Meetings--8-04-11

Printing of 2011 Fall Shop Canton--8-04-11

Board Proceedings--8-04-11

Access to Public Meetings--7-28-11

Access to Public Meetings--7-21-11

Board Proceedings--7-21-11

Zoning Board of Appeals--7-21-11

Access to Public Meetings--7-14-11

Tree Removal--7-14-11

Access to Public Meetings--7-7-11

Radio System Upgrade--7-7-11

Led Light Upgrade--7-7-11

Board Proceedings--7-7-11

Access to Public Meetings--6-30-11

Access to Public Meetings--6-23-11

Canton Renewables--6-23-11

Zoning Board of Appeals--6-23-11

Board Proceedings--6-23-11

Columbia Square--6-23-11

Commerce Park--6-23-11

Access to Public Meetings--6-16-11

5 Year Consolidation Plan--6-16-11

Precor Cardiovascular Equipment--6-16-11

Printing services--6-16-11

Board Proceedings--6-16-11

Access to Public Meetings--6-9-11

Access to Public Meetings--6-2-11

Board Proceedings--6-2-11

Access to Public Meetings--5-26-11

Shop Canton Printing--5-26-11

Board Proceedings--5-26-11

Access to Public Meetings--5-19-11

Public Hearing Zoning Ordinance--5-19-11

Zoning Board of Appeals--5-19-11

Board Proceedings --5-19-11

Public Hearing Board of Trustees--5-19-11

Request for release of funds--5-19-11

Access to Public Meetings--5-12-11

PY 2011 CDBG--5-12-11

2011 Annual Plan--5-12-11

5 Year Plan--5-12-11

Access to Public Meetings--5-5-11

Board Proceedings--5-5-11

Access to Public Meetings--4-28-11

Animal Control Services--4-28-11

Noxious Weeds--4-21-11

Access to public meetings--4-21-11

Public Accuracy Test--4-21-11

Election Notice--4-21-11

Board Proceedings--4-21-11

Access to public meetings--4-14-11

Liquid Calcium--4-14-11

Discovery Printing--4-14-11

Notice to cut Noxious Weeds--4-14-11

Access to public meetings--4-7-11

Access to public meetings--3-31-11

Board Proceedings--3-31-11

Access to public meetings--3-24-11

Notice of the Close of Registration--3-24-11

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--3-24-11

PY2011 CDBG Action Plan--3-24-11

Board Proceedings--3-24-11

2011 Sidewalk Repair--3-17-11

Access to Public Meetings--3-17-11

Kroger Fuel--3-17-11

Radio Communications--3-17-11

Computerized Email--3-17-11

Bus Transportation--3-17-11

Board Proceedings--3-17-11

The Hamptons Estates--3-17-11

Access to public meetings--3-10-11

Notice of Intent--3-10-11

Lawn & Landscape--3-10-11

Fire Safety--3-10-11

Printing & Mailing Services--3-10-11

Board Proceedings--3-10-11

Access to public meetings--3-3-11

DDA Streetscape--3-3-11

Staff Apparel--3-3-11

Board Proceedings--3-3-11

Planning Commission--3-3-11

Canton Prep--3-3-11

Sidewalk Repair--3-3-11

Access to public meetings--2-24-11

Board of Review--2-24-11

Notice to Residents--2-24-11

Board Proceedings--2-24-11

Access to public meetings--2-17-11

Board of Review--2-17-11

Zoning Board Of Review--2-17-11

Water Distribution--2-17-11

Public Safety--2-17-11

Plant Protectants--2-17-11

Notice to Residents--2-17-11

Board Proceedings--2-17-11

Access to public meetings--2-10-11

Sheldon School Playground--2-10-11

Legal Notice and Classified Publication--2-10-11

Board Proceedings--2-10-11

Board of Review--2-10-11

Access to public meetings--2-3-11

Sidewalk Repair--2-3-11

Board Proceeding--2-3-11

Board Proceedings 1/6--1-27-11

Access to Public Meetings--1-27-11

Invitation to Bid--1-27-11

Access to Public Meetings--1-20-11

Gasoline & Dielsel--1-20-11

Energu Savings--1-20-11

Zoning Ordinance --1-20-11

Board Proceedings 1/6--1-20-11

Board Proceedings 1/11--1-20-11

Invitation to bid--1-20-11

Access to Public Meeings--1-13-11

Spring 2011 Tree Planting--1-13-11

Community Development Block Grant--1-13-11

Access to Public Meetings--1-6-11

Access to Public Meetings--12-30-10

Access to Public Meetings--12-23-10

Sheldon Center--12-23-10

Zoning Board of Appeals--12-23-10

42452 Ford Road--12-23-10

Board Proceedings--12-23-10

Access to Public Meetings--12-16-10

Access to Public Meetings--12-09-10

Housing Rehabilitation--12-09-10

Board or Review--12-09-10

Board Proceedings--12-09-10

Access to Public Meetings--12-02-10

Access to Public Meetings--11-24-10

Board Proceedings--11-24-10

Access to Public Meetings--11-18-10

Board Proceedings--11-18-10

Access to Public Meetings--11-11-10

Planning Commission 2011 Meeting Schedule--11-11-10

Access to Public Meetings--11-04-10

Notice of Public Auction--11-04-10

Board Proceedings--11-04-10

Access to Public Meetings--10-28-10

Zoning Board--10-28-10

Focus Newsletter--10-28-10

Invitation To Bid--10-28-10

Public Hearing--10-28-10

Access to Public Meetings--10-21-10

Election Notice--10-21-10

Public Accuracy Test--10-21-10

Board Proceedings--10-21-10

Access to Public Meetings--10-14-10

Canton Islamic Center--10-14-10


DG Motorsports--10-14-10

Access to Public Meetings--10-07-10

Inter-Tel Upgrade--10-07-10

Telecommunication Carrier--10-07-10

Board Proceedings--10-07-10

Parcel#008 99 0001 710--10-07-10

Parcel#71 189 0002 000--10-07-10

CDBG Advisory Council--10-07-10

Parcel# 008 99 0001 710--10-07-10

Access to Public Meetings--09-30-10

Bullet resistant vests--09-30-10

Breathing Apparatuses--09-30-10

Board Proceedings--09-30-10

Board Proceedings 9/23--09-30-10

Access to Public Meetings--09-23-10

Close of Registration--09-23-10

Zoning Board--09-23-10

Board Proceedings--09-23-10

Access to Public Meetings--09-16-10

Joe's Place--09-16-10

Board Proceedings--09-16-10

Access to Public Meetings--09-09-10

Snow Removal--09-09-10


Board Proceedings--09-09-10

Access to Public Meetings--09-02-10

Housing Rehabilitation--09-02-10

Printing of 2010 Fall Shop--09-02-10

Board Proceedings--09-02-10

Access to Public Meetings--08-26-10

Notice of Public Hearing--08-26-10



Howden Buffalo--08-26-10

Invitation to Bid--08-26-10

Access to Public Meetings--08-19-10

Zoning Board of Appeals --08-19-10

Access to Public Meetings--08-12-10

Request for Proposals--08-12-10

Access to Public Meetings--08-05-10

Request for Proposal--08-05-10

Board Proceedings--08-05-10

Access to Public Meetings--07-29-10

Board Proceedings--07-29-10

Access to Public Meetings--07-22-10

Board Proceedings--07-22-10

Election Notice--07-22-10

Public Accuracy Test--07-22-10

Invitation to bid--07-22-10

Zoning Board--07-22-10

Access to Public Meetings--07-15-10

Access to Public Meetings--07-08-10

Invitation to bid--07-08-10

Request for Proposal--07-08-10

Access to Public Meetings--07-01-10

Board proceedings--07-01-10

Access to Public Meetings--06-24-10

Notice of the Close of Registration--06-24-10

Board Proceedings--06-24-10

Access to Public Meetings--06-17-10

Zoning Board of Appeals--06-17-10

Request for Proposal--06-17-10

Invitation to bid--06-17-10

Board Proceedings--06-17-10

Access to Public Meetings--06-10-10

Request for Proposal/Color Copier--06-10-10

Access to Public Meetings--06-03-10

Board Proceedings--06-03-10

Access to Public Meetings--05-20-10

Board Proceedings--05-20-10

Zoning Board of Appeals--05-20-10


Access to Public Meetings--05-13-10

Request for Proposal--05-13-10

Board Proceedings--05-13-10

Access to Public Meetings--05-06-10

Board Proceedings--05-06-10

Access to Public Meetings--04-29-10

FY2010 CDBG Action Plan--04-29-10

Board Proceedings--04-29-10

Access to Public Meetings--04-22-10

Zoning Board--04-22-10

Surveying Services--04-22-10

Board Proceedings--04-22-10

Noxious Weeds--04-22-10

Access to Public Meetings--04-15-10

Notice to cut Noxious Weeds--04-15-10

School Board Election--04-15-10

Notice to Elderly--04-15-10

Public Accuracy Test--04-15-10

Liquid Calcium--04-15-10

Cherry Hill School - Wood Floors--04-15-10

Sheldon School - Wood Floors--04-15-10

Cedar Roof--04-15-10

Planning Commission--04-15-10

Access to Public Meetings--04-08-10

Access to Public Meetings--04-01-10

Board Proceedings--04-01-10

Sidewalk Repair--04-01-10

Access to Public Meetings--03-25-10

Invitation to Bid--03-25-10

Request for Proposals--03-25-10

Access to Public Meetings--03-18-10

Access to Public Meetings--03-18-10

Notice to Residents--03-18-10

Zoning Board of Appeals--03-18-10

Request for Proposal--03-18-10

Board Proceedings--03-18-10

Notice of Public Hearing--03-18-10

Access to Public Meetings--03-11-10

Notice to Residents--03-11-10

Invitation to Bid--03-11-10

Board Proceedings--03-11-10

Access to Public Meetings--03-04-10

Trail Construction--03-04-10

Lawn and Landscaping--03-04-10

Griffin Park--03-04-10

Board Proceedings--03-04-10

Board of Review--02-25-10

Access to Public Meetings--02-25-10

Board Proceedings--02-25-10

Board of Review--02-18-10

Access to Public Meetings--02-18-10

Zoning Board--02-18-10

DDA and Chamber Proceedings--02-18-10

Board Proceedings--02-18-10

Access to Public Meetings--02-11-10

Spring 2010 Tree Planting Program--02-11-10

Towing Services--02-11-10

Board of Review--02-11-10


Carrollton Arms--02-11-10

Sidewalk Repair--02-04-10


K & H Restaurant Group--02-04-10

Access to Public Meetings--02-04-10

Board Proceedings--02-04-10

Access to Public Meetings--01-28-10

Board Proceedings--01-28-10

Residential Grass Cutting--01-28-10

Plant Protectants--01-28-10

Landscaping Maintenance--01-28-10

Access to Public Meetings--01-21-10

Invitation to bid--01-21-10



Partial Painting--01-21-10

Board Proceedings--01-21-10

Access to Public Meetings--01-14-10

Invitation to Bid--01-14-10

2010 Gasoline & Diesel--01-14-10

Access to Public Meetings--12-31-09

Access to Public Meetings--12-23-09

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--12-23-09

Access to Public Meetings--12-17-09

Request for Proposal--12-17-09

Board Proceedings--12-17-09

Access to Public Meetings--12-10-09

Sheldon Road--12-10-09

Invitation to Bid--12-10-09

Request for Proposal--12-10-09

Board Proceedings--12-10-09

Access to Public Meetings--12-03-09

Sheldon Road--12-03-09

Board Proceedings--11-25-09

Access to Public Meetings--11-25-09

Zoning Board Revised--11-25-09

Access to Public Meetings--11-19-09


Access to Public Meetings--11-12-09

Invitation to bid--11-12-09

Access to Public Meetings--11-05-09

Board Proceedings--11-05-09

Invitation to Bid--11-05-09

Planning Commission Meeting Schedule--11-05-09

Access to Public Meetings--10-29-09



Board Proceedings--10-29-09


Heritage Park--10-29-09

Street Lighting--10-29-09

SAD 2009--10-22-09

Request for Proposal--10-22-09

Election Notice--10-22-09

Notice of Public Accuracy Test--10-22-09

Zoning Board of Appleals--10-22-09

Board Proceedings--10-22-09

Access to Public Meetings--10-22-09

Invitation to Bid--10-22-09

SAD 2009--10-15-09

Board Proceedings--10-15-09

Access to Public Meetings--10-15-09

Printing of Focus Newsletter--10-15-09


Access to Public Meetings--10-08-09

CDBG Advisory Council--10-08-09

Board Proceedings--10-08-09

Request for Proposal--10-01-09

Board Proceedings--10-01-09

Parcel #005-01-0010-300--10-01-09

Parcel #71-002-99-0001-709--10-01-09

Parcel #71-999-99-1828-700--10-01-09

Relief Sewer--10-01-09

Access to public Meetings--10-01-09

Access to Public Meetings--09-24-09

Board Proceedings--09-24-09

Close of Registration--09-24-09

Invitation to bid--09-24-09

Access to Public Meetings--09-17-09

Notice of Public Hearing Singh--09-17-09

Notice of Public Hearing Dance studio--09-17-09

Notice of Public Hearing Switycz--09-17-09

Board Proceedings--09-17-09

Invitation to Bid--09-17-09

Board Proceedings--09-10-09

Public Meeting--09-10-09

Public Hearing--09-10-09

Access to Public Meetings--09-03-09

Board Proceedings--09-03-09

Special Assesment--09-03-09

Access to Public Meetings--08-27-09

Board Proceedings--08-27-09

Invitation to Bid - Creek Crossing--08-27-09

Invitation to Bid - Canton Softball--08-27-09

Invitation to Bid - Safety Improvements--08-27-09

Special Assessment--08-27-09

Access to Public Meetings--08-20-09

Board Proceedings--08-20-09

Board Proceedings--08-20-09

Zoning Board--08-20-09

Access to Public Meetings--08-13-09

Evaluation Report--08-13-09

Invitation to Bid--08-13-09

Access to Public Meetings--08-06-09

Board Proceedings--08-06-09

Invitation to Bid--08-06-09

Access to Public Meetings--07-30-09

Board Proceedings--07-30-09

Access to Public Meetings--07-23-09

Board Proceedings--07-23-09

Zoning Board--07-23-09

Access to Public Meetings--07-16-09

Access to Public Meetings--07-09-09

Board Proceedings--07-02-09

Access to Public Meetings--07-02-09

Access to Public Meetings--6-25-09

Planning Commission--6-25-09

Board Proceedings--6-25-09

Access to Public Meetings--6-18-09

Board Proceedings--6-18-09

Industrial FAC--6-18-09

Ford Road Street Scape--6-18-09

Ford Road Joint Users--6-18-09

Sheldon School Landscape--6-18-09

Access to Public Meetings--6-11-09

Invitation to Bid Parking Lot--6-11-09

Invitation to Bid Electrical--6-11-09

Access to Public Meetings--6-4-09

Board Proceedings--6-4-09

Notice of Public Hearing--5-28-09

Request for Release of Funds--5-28-09

Invitation to Bid High Pressure Air Lifting Bag System--5-28-09

Invitation to Bid Street Banners--5-28-09

Board Proceedings--5-28-09

Notice of Public Hearing - Zoning--5-28-09

Access to Public Meetings--5-28-09

Access to Public Meetings--5-21-09

ARRA CDBG--5-21-09

Board Proceedings--5-21-09

Zoning Board--5-21-09

Invitation to Bid--5-21-09

Board Proceedings May 5, 2009--5-14-09

Access to Public Meetings--5-14-09

Access to Public Meetings--5-07-09

Notice of Public Hearing--5-07-09

Board Proceedings--5-07-09

Invitation to Bid Warning System Siren--5-07-09

Invitation to Bid Self Contained Breathing Apparatuses--5-07-09

Invitation to Bid Fire Rescue Squads--5-07-09

Request for Proposal Computerized Email Archiving--5-07-09

Invitation to Bid Purchase of Sign--5-07-09

2009 Sidewalk Repair Program--4-30-09

Access to Public Meetings--4-30-09

Board Proceedings--4-30-09

FY2009 CDBG Action Plan--4-30-09

Planning Commission--4-30-09

Invitation to Bid Road Maintenance--4-30-09

Invitation to Bid Treadmills--4-30-09

Invitation to Bid Houses--4-30-09

Access to Public Meetings--4-23-09

Noxious Weeds--4-23-09

Board Proceedings--4-23-09

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--4-23-09

Sidewalk Repair Program--4-23-09

Board Proceedings--4-16-09

Access to Public Meetings--4-16-09

Environmental Assessment--4-9-09

Invitation to Bid--4-9-09

Access to Public Meetings--4-9-09

Request for proposal--4-2-09

Access to Public Meetings--4-2-09

Invitation to Bid--4-2-09

FY2009 CDBG Action Plan--4-2-09

Environmental Assessment--4-2-09

Board Proceedings--4-2-09

Board Proceedings--3-26-09

Access to Public Meetings--3-26-09

Purchase of Kip--3-26-09

Notice to residents--3-19-09

Access to Public Meetings--3-19-09

Request for Release of Funds--3-19-09

Invitation to Bid Landscape--3-19-09

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda--3-19-09

Invitation to Bid Tents--3-19-09

Request for Proposal--3-19-09

Invitation to Bid Lower Rouge--3-19-09

March 10 Board Proceedings--3-19-09

Notice to residents--3-12-09

Board Proceedings--3-12-09

Invitation to Bid--3-12-09

Request for Proposal--3-12-09

Access to Public Meetings--3-12-09

Access to Public Meetings--3-5-09

Notice of Public Meeting "Caper"--3-5-09

Invitation to Bid: Bus Transportation--3-5-09

Invitation to Bid: Liquid Calcium--3-5-09

Invitation to Bid: Canton Sports--3-5-09

Invitation to Bid: Staff Apparel--3-5-09

Board Proceedings Feb. 24, 2009--3-5-09

Board of review--3-5-09

Board Proceedings--2-26-09

Summit Flooring--2-26-09

Invitation to Bid--2-26-09

Invitation to Bid--2-26-09

Access to Public Meeting--2-26-09

Notice of Hearing--2-26-09

Board of Review--2-26-09

Access to public meeting --2-12-09

Board of Review --2-12-09

Board of Proceedings--2-12-09

Invitation to Bid--2-12-09