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               THE BELLEVILLE          Pandemic concerns cancel Canton Liberty Fest
                                          The COVID-19 pandemic has
               Vol. 136, No. 17        claimed another casualty with
            Members of the Belleville  the cancellation of the largest
          Rotary Club and several      community celebration in
          local community volunteers   Canton Township for the second
          braved wintery weather to    consecutive year.
          clean Hillside Cemetery last    Township officials said that
          week.                        the cancellation of the three-day
                          See page 5.  Canton Liberty Fest which typi-
                                       cally attracts thousands of indi-
                                       viduals was necessary in light of
                  THE CANTON           the latest guidelines from State
             EAGLE                     of Michigan public health
               Vol. 74, No. 17         experts. The cancellation is the
                                       second year the township has
            Orange seems to be the     been forced to cancel the popu-
          color of the season in Canton  lar community event in an effort
          Township as large barrels    to mitigate the spread of the
          warn motorists of narrowed   corona virus. Liberty Fest usual-
          roadways and road signs      ly included carnival rides and
          advise of detours.           midway games, live entertain-
                          See page 2.  ment on two stages, a car and
                                       truck show, a marketplace and a  June 17-19.                   Staff members are already at  Tuesdays Are Terrific series
                                       variety of festival food.        “This final decision had to be  work planning two free summer  from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.
                THE INKSTER            Traditionally, the festival con-  made due to the continuously  concert series that will enable  starting July 13. This youth vari-
          LEDGER STAR                  cluded with a large fireworks  evolving health and safety con-  the community to safely come  ety series continues July 20 and
          LEDGER STAR

               Vol. 74, No. 17         display.                      cerns in our community,” stated  together to enjoy music at the  27 and Aug. 10.
                                          Officials said the decision  Greg Hohenberger, Canton    Heritage Park Amphitheater,      These concerts are geared
            Inkster children now have  was made “after monitoring    Leisure Services director.  “Rest  Hohenberger said. The 6:30-8:30  toward preschool and elemen-
          a buddy to help them devel-  ongoing COVID-19 concerns,    assured that we are making    p.m. Thursday Night LIVE!     tary age audiences.
          op strong reading skills.    and with the uncertainty that  plans in the true Canton com-  Concert Series will begin June  Both of these free concert
          Smith Chapel AME Church      the next few months may pres-  munity spirit to host an alter-  17 and will continue every  series are sponsored by
          in Inkster has instituted a  ent, the official decision has  nate community celebration as  Thursday through Aug. 19. The  Community Financial Credit
          new program.                 been made out of an abundance  soon as conditions will allow  live music performances take  Union. Performer lineup details
                          See page 5.  of caution.” The festival, first  that may include a fireworks  place from 7-8:30 p.m.  The  are available at www.canton-
                                       established in 1991, was set for  display, hopefully later this fall.”  township is also sponsoring the
                  THE NORTHVILLE
             EAGLE                     Sumpter treasurer now denies claiming ‘missing funds’

               Vol. 210, No. 17
                                          The author of a political letter                                                       the residents are being dispar-
            Northville Township,                                                                ”
          Northville    Parks    &     to the editor published in a                There is zero point zero chance               aged. You think anyone at the
                                       Belleville newspaper remains in
                                                                                                                                 paper thought for a minute there
          Recreation and Friends of    question despite the best efforts         there is or was any money missing,              were millions missing? They did
          the Rouge are urging com-    of Sumpter Township attorney                                                              not, but they printed it to see
          munity members to join       Rob Young.                         This was all made up, there is no missing money.       what kind of chaos they could
          them in removing garlic         The matter was referred to                                                             cause.”
          mustard from the Coldwater   Young by the township board of  who repeatedly denied writing  Trustee Matt Oddy thanked     The letter, now disavowed by
          Springs Nature Area May 15.  trustees for investigation follow-  the letter during the meeting.  Young for his extensive work in  Clark, alleged that there were
                          See page 6.
                                       ing the Aug. 28, 2020 publication  “I did not write that letter,” he  attempting to discover who wrote  millions of dollars missing from
                                       of the letter which alleged finan-  stated adamantly.       the letter. He noted that this was  the township including $400,000
                  THE PLYMOUTH         cial mismanagement in the town-  Young said that during his  an issue of great importance to  missing from the water depart-
             EAGLE                     ship.                         interview with Clark, the treasur-  him as it impacted the reputa-  ment and money missing from
                                                                                                   tion of the entire community.
                                          Young told the board mem-
                                                                                                                                 the office of Township Clerk
                                                                     er said he had received informa-
               Vol. 21, No. 17         bers during the April 13 meeting  tion about missing funds from his  “Now it's an issue of who is  Esther Hurst, along with an alle-
                                       that he had interviewed every  predecessor in the treasurer's  telling the truth. Bednark now  gation that her office had torn up
            The winners in the Nov. 2
          general election for the four  department head and spoken  office, Ken Bednark. He said  says he never told you (Clark)  and mishandled ballots, and
                                                                                                   that there were missing funds.
                                                                                                                                 false claims of missing funds
                                       extensively with the financial
                                                                     Bednark told him there were
          expiring terms on the        director regarding  the claims.   unpaid taxes and unpaid water  You were hoodwinked,” he told  from other township depart-
          Plymouth City Commission        “There is zero point zero  monies going uncollected. Young  Clark. “There is a new allegation  ments.
          are pretty much already      chance there is or was any    said that Bednark, however,   that Bednark actually wrote the  Trustee Peggy Morgan
          determined.                  money missing ,” he said. “I'll say  absolutely denied providing that  letter,” Oddy said.    attempted to defend the publica-
                          See page 6.
                                       it again, there is zero point zero  information to Clark during a  “We have to have our reputa-  tion of the letter commenting
                                       chance there are any problems.  subsequent interview. “He said  tion. The paper distributed this  that “everyone on the board has
                   THE ROMULUS         This was all made up, there is no  they never had that conversa-  claim of financial disparity as  used the paper. If you send in a
             ROMAN                     missing money.”               tion,” Young reported. Bednark  fact,” he added. “The paper has  letter it gets printed. That's on
                                                                                                                                 you,” she said. “When you're
                                          The published letter was
                                                                                                   an obligation to print the truth.
                                                                     has reportedly demanded a for-
               Vol. 136, No. 17        signed by then candidate for  mal apology from Clark regard-  This paper doesn't verify, (she)
            There will be no primary   Township Treasurer Jim Clark  ing his statements.           just prints. The community and           See Letter, page 5
          election necessary in the
          City of Romulus although     Volunteers sought to aid at COVID vaccination clinics
          voters will have several
          choices to make on the Nov.                                                                Volunteers to help in the fight and com-
          2 general election ballot.                                                               against the pandemic are need-  plete an application. Processing
                          See page 3.                                                              ed in Canton Township.        of this application, which
                                                                                                     Canton has scheduled vacci-  includes a background check,
                                                                                                   nation clinics each week through  may take several days and does
                  THE WAYNE                                                                        the end of June, and the effort is  not guarantee approval, officials
             EAGLE                                                                                 in need of volunteer assistants.  said. Individuals should not sign
                                                                                                                                 up for a volunteer shift if they do
                                                                                                     Currently, township officials
               Vol. 74, No. 17                                                                     are utilizing adult volunteers  not have an approved applica-
            An emergency food distri-                                                              who have a current volunteer  tion on file.  These background
          bution is planned for 10 a.m.                                                            application on file with Canton  checks help ensure the safety of
                                                                                                   Leisure Services or Canton
                                                                                                                                 residents, officials said.
          until noon May 21 at The                                                                 CERT team members. Anyone       Upon signing up for a volun-
          Senior Alliance, 5454 Venoy                                                              who is currently a volunteer with  teer shift(s), volunteers will
          Road in Wayne.                                                                           Canton Township and would like  receive a confirmation and then
                          See page 3.
                                                                                                   to help out at the clinics, should  a reminder two days prior to the
                                                                                                   review the available time slots  specified time; volunteers are
                  THE WESTLAND                                                                     and      sign     up      at  only required to volunteer one
             EAGLE                                                                         four-hour shift, but multiple

               Vol. 74, No. 17                                                                     /60B054EAFAC23A1FC1-vaccine    dates are welcome; volunteers
                                                                                                     Volunteers are asked to work
                                                                                                                                 16-17 must be accompanied by
            Westland voters will have                                                              a four-hour shift and will have an  their guardian (who is also vol-
          the opportunity to winnow an                                                             opportunity to receive a COVID-  unteering on the same date), and
          extensive field of candidates                                                            19 vaccine, if desired. For more  volunteers will be given the
          for mayor and city council                                                               information, email jaiello@can-  opportunity to receive a vaccine
          during an August primary                                                                          if desired, although the inocula-
          election this year.                                                                        Anyone who is not currently a  tion cannot be gifted to another
                          See page 4.                                                              registered volunteer, can visit  person.

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