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               THE BELLEVILLE          GM to invest $20 million in Romulus
               Vol. 134, No. 09
                                          The Romulus GM Powertrain                             ”                                announced.
            The opening of the new     plant entertained a special visi-            The UAW fully supports this                    “The UAW fully supports this
          Belleville Area District     tor recently who brought quite a                                                          $20 million investment at the GM
          Library will have more to    gift with her.                               $20 million investment at the                Romulus plant and encourages
          offer local readers than a      Mary Barra, GM CEO, visited           GM Romulus plant and encourages                  more of this in the future. We in
          new, two-story, 31,000 square-  the Romulus plant just ahead of                                                        the UAW look forward to more
          foot building.               the announcement of a $20                     more of this in the future.                 investments like this in the future
                          See page 4.  investment in the propulsion                                                              so GM can build where they sell,”
                                       facility.                     added.                        with employees and community  stated a prepared release from
                  THE CANTON              “Romulus has a long-standing  The Romulus plant, open    leaders recently to stress that GM  the offices of the United Auto
             EAGLE                     reputation of quality, productivity  since 1976, will continue to pro-  is committed to U.S. manufactur-  Workers, the union that repre-
                                                                                                                                 sents the estimated 1,350 workers
                                                                                                   ing. GM has been criticized
                                                                     duce V-6 and 10-speed transmis-
                                       and performance, and we are
               Vol. 72, No. 09         proud of the hard work and com-  sions used in several GM cars,  recently for the decision to close  at the Romulus plant.
            Canton Leisure Services    mitment displayed by the entire  trucks and crossover vehicles.  five plants in North America  The Romulus plant has been
          recently received special    Romulus team, Barra said in a   The investment will allow the  affecting 6,200 jobs.      open since 1976 and has been
          statewide recognition at the  statement.                   propulsion plant to increase    The $20 million in Romulus  building engines in the 1980s,
          2019   mParks     Annual        “GM's investment in Romulus  capacity for 10 speed transmis-  will be used to buy more  according to GM and has pro-
          Conference and Trade Show,   will enable the plant to continue  sion products, a corporate  machines to expand transmis-  duced more than 10.8 million V8
          which took place earlier this  playing an important role in our  spokesman noted.        sion capacity although no time  engines and more than 6.6 mil-
          month.                       core business going forward,” she  Barra visited the plant to meet  line for the change was  lion V6 engines, according to GM.
                          See page 3.

                THE INKSTER              Fleet feet
          LEDGER STAR
          LEDGER STAR
               Vol. 72, No. 09           Scottish dancers compete
            Meaningful dialogue, and     at Plymouth arts complex
          a lot of good natured fun, is
          on the menu at the Inkster
          Commission on Aging                                      Julie Brown
          monthly Lunch with the                                   Staff Writer
          Mayor.                            The sound of Scottish bagpipes filled the
                          See page 4.    halls of the Plymouth Arts and Recreation
                                         Complex recently along with the sound of
                  THE NORTHVILLE         gently landing feet.
             EAGLE                       accompanied 85 contestants in the
                                            Those traditional Scottish bagpipes
               Vol. 19, No. 09           Highland Dance Competition which took
                                         place at the Plymouth complex Jan. 20.
            The Northville Art House
          will host the 13th Annual         Competitor Rose Johnson, 12, was
          Member Exhibition during       encouraged in her dance pursuit her par-  The Jan. 20 dance competition in Plymouth drew 85 participants, some of whom began
          the month of March as a ges-   ents Melissa and Tim Wandrey, all of   to compete at age 4.
          ture of appreciation to mem-   Burton.
          bers.                             “We love this. She was 4 1/2 when she  Phelps swimming an Olympic race,” citing  friendships I've made over the years,” she
                          See page 2.    started. She loves it, though,” said Melissa  research done by nutritionists.  said.
                                         Wandrey.                                 The enthusiasm for dances of Scotland  Kopenski is planning to visit
                                            “Instead of playing video games it teach-  was evident at the competition.  Philadelphia, and will meet people from
                  THE PLYMOUTH           es them about nutrition, muscle building. It  Plymouth resident Cindy Kopenski is  Scotland while there.
             EAGLE                       also teaches them to work with their peers,  the teacher liaison for the sponsoring  The Midwest Highland Dance
               Vol. 19, No. 09           social skills,” Tim Wandrey added.     Midwest Highland Dance Association.   Association is among six regions.
                                                                                                                         “The Canadians can come, too,” she
                                                                                  “They need somebody who has that
                                            “The Highland people were very super-
            Plymouth     Township        stitious. They would perform this dance  background. I've been dancing since I was  said. “We had dancers from London,
          police were called to a        before going into battle. They would be vic-  12,” said Kopenski, who couldn't be a judge  Ontario, Denver, Colorado, and Madison,
          domestic dispute last week     torious in the next upcoming battle if they  that day as she had students competing.  Wisconsin” at the recent competition in
          when a woman reportedly        didn't touch the sword while dancing,    “It's just like any other sport. People  Plymouth. The Midwest division has 347
          poured bleach in her           Highlanders believed. They do this dance  have to stay hydrated, they have to eat  dancers and about 10 percent are male, she
          boyfriend's eyes.              in like two minutes,” he said.         right,” said Kopenski. She advised one par-  said. The dancers begin to compete at age 4
                          See page 3.       Some 285 dance steps are memorized  ticipating mom, “She (the young dancer) is  and the upper age limit varies, Kopenski
                                         for the competitions. “It takes energy,  going to benefit immensely by being more  added.
                   THE ROMULUS           strength and coordination to be able to per-  confident in school. They're (participating  More information about the group and
             ROMAN                       form their dances,” Wandrey explained.  youth) not afraid to do a book report.  competitions is available at or
                                                                                  “It is fun. I would not trade any of the
                                         “The dance is the equivalent to Michael
               Vol. 134, No. 09
          congratulating Chad Newton Canton responds to ‘bad day’ lawsuit
            Romulus Mayor LeRoy
          Burcroff was among those
          who was recently appointed
          as the chief executive officer  Canton Township Corporate                             ”                                willful neglect of duty by the
          (CEO) of Wayne County        Counsel Kristin Kolb issued a           The actions of the responsible named              office of the Wayne County
          Airport                      statement last week in response          former employees are inconsistent                Prosecutor, based on the find-
                          See page 4.  to a $25 million lawsuit filed                                                            ings of the township investiga-
                                       against two emergency dis-             with the training, policies and practices          tion.
                  THE WAYNE            patchers claiming they deliber-       of the Canton Department of Public Safety.             “The actions of the responsi-
             EAGLE                     ately ignored 911 calls leading                                                           ble named former employees
                                                                                                                                 are inconsistent with the train-
                                       to the death of a heart attack
               Vol. 72, No. 09         victim.                       2018. The lawsuit claims that  ment, the missed calls were  ing, policies and practices of
                                          Kolb prefaced her statement
            The     52nd    Annual     with an expression of sympathy  Rowell deliberately turned the  reported to a supervisor the  the Canton Department of
                                                                                                   same morning they occurred
                                                                     volume off on the phone line
                                                                                                                                 Public Safety. Additionally, cor-
          Distinguished Young Women    for the family of 69-year-old  “because she was having a bad  and an internal investigation  rective measures have been put
          of       Wayne-Westland      Stephen Greene of Belleville  day.” Her comment was over-   was immediately launched into  in place, and further measures
          Scholarship Program is       who died March 2. Greene had  heard by another dispatch     the actions of Rowell and     continue to be evaluated by the
          planned for 7 p.m. Friday,   been a patient at the Heartland  worker, according to the lawsuit  Choroba.  Choroba allegedly  department to prevent an inci-
          March 8 at Wayne Memorial    Health Care Center in Canton  filed in Wayne County Circuit  took over from Rowell at a shift  dent such as this from occur-
          High School.                 since Feb. 27, 2018 after a nine-  Court by attorney John Marko.  change and neglected to turn  ring again,” Kolb said in her
                          See page 5.
                                       day hospital stay for “altered  He questioned the number of  the phone system volume back  statement.
                                       mental status secondary to    other calls for emergency serv-  to an audible level.         “These emergency operators
                  THE WESTLAND         marked hypoglycemia,” accord-  ice that could have been missed  Kolb said the situation led to  unbelievably and alarmingly
             EAGLE                     ing to the court filings.     during the time the system was  an 8-minute delay while the  decided to turn off the 911 dis-
                                          The lawsuit, filed Feb. 18 on
               Vol. 72, No. 09         behalf of Greene's widow,     turned off, variously estimated  lawsuit claims there was a peri-  patch phone so that they did not
                                                                                                                                 have to do the job they had
                                                                                                   od of 1 ½ hours of service fail-
                                                                     at between 8 minutes and 1½
            Mayor William R. Wild,     Dorothy, and his estate, is seek-  hours.                   ure. She said Canton Township  sworn and gotten paid to do;
          along with his team of       ing damages from dispatchers    The lawsuit states that the  immediately launched an inter-  one dispatcher stating she did
          Westland Wild Wings, are     Rachel Rowell and Joshua      delay in medical treatment was  nal investigation into the  so because she was having a
          once again lacing up their   Choroba claiming that the med-  a factor in Greene's death and  actions of the dispatchers and  bad day. Her day was not as bad
          skates to challenge the      ical staff at the rehabilitation  Marko claims that a doctor who  that investigation led to the sus-  as ... Stephen Greene's,” Marko
          Detroit Red Wing Alumni      center could not get help for  reviewed the medical records  pension of both Rowell and   wrote in the court filings.
          players.                     her husband despite calling 911  has validated that claim.   Choroba.  According to Kolb,
                          See page 5.   more than 13 times on March 1,  According to Kolb's state-  Rowell has been charged with          See Lawsuit, page 3

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