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                                       Fond farewell

               Vol. 138, No. 03
            Sumpter Township emer-     Westland event celebrates longest serving mayor’s departure
          gency siren number nine has
          been repaired and is now        Mayor William R. Wild's final State of the
          operational, officials said.   City address last week was also a tribute to
                          See page 6.  his 16 years as mayor of his home town.
                                          Congresswoman Debbie Stabenow and
                                       Gov. Gretchen Whitmer were among the
                                       elected officials, dignitaries, friends and
                                       family members who offered best wishes
                                       and congratulations during the event, prais-
                                       ing Wild for the many accomplishments and
                Vol. 76, No. 03        successes during his mayoral tenure. Wild
            Thousands of vinyl         was the guiding hand in the construction of
          records, CDs, t-shirts,      the award-winning new city hall, reclaiming
          posters, and other collectible  and renovating a former big-box store. Wild
          will be on sale at the 14th  helped create the city police transparency
          annual 88.1 Record Show on   website and during his terms of office over-
          Saturday, Feb. 11.           saw more than $60 million in road recon-
                          See page 3.  struction and repair in the community.
                                       During his address, he also proudly men-
                                       tioned the Westland Shop and Dine district
                                       and the popular farmers market. Wild said
                                       that thousands of Westland residents were
                                       vaccinated against COVID-19 as part of a city
                                       effort. He also proudly displayed images of
               Vol. 76, No. 03                                                 Mayor William R. Wild addresses the crowd during his final State of the City address last
                                       the new playscape and splash pad at Tattan
             An Inkster man was        Park in the city.                       week. Wild was lauded with state and county awards including congratulations from
          among 10 people sentenced       Wild was also dedicated to support for  County Commissioner Al Haidous, below right, and support from his wife, Sherri.
          last week for their roles in  the Norwayne neighborhood in the city and
          family-led drug trafficking  was instrumental in bringing recycling to
          violations.                  the city. He is credited, too, with bringing
                          See page 5.  diversity to the city hall staff and the com-
                                          Wild's presentation included videos of the
                                       city and officials dating back to 2007, when
                                       he first became mayor after serving on the
                                       city council. Wild was raised in Westland
                                       and graduated from John Glenn High
                Vol. 23, No. 03        School. He is leaving the mayor's office to
            Northville Township offi-  become president and CEO of the Midwest
          cials recently noted that the  Independent Retailers Association, based in
          remediation of the 11        West Bloomfield. He thanked his family for
          remaining state psychiatric  their unwavering support during the past
          buildings at Legacy Park is  years and emphasized that none of the
          on schedule.                 accomplishments and progress in the city
                          See page 4.  could have taken place without the efforts of
                                       his staff and the other elected officials. He  Wild's leadership, which, she said, “extends  Thank you so much.”
                                       outlined many projects currently in the  far beyond Westland to reach Lansing and  There were also tributes to Wild from
                                       planning stages or under way in the city  Washington, D.C.”                     Wayne County Commissioner Al Haidous
                                       which will be complete in the near future.  Current City Council President Jim Hart  and leaders from other communities who
                                          “It is an honor to be mayor of your home  Hart spoke for the members of the council  praised his leadership and his accomplish-
                                       town,” he told the enthusiastic audience.  during the event and expressed the grati-  ments.
                Vol. 23, No. 03
                                          Wild's address met with a standing ova-  tude he felt for Wild's contributions to the  Members of the city council were expect-
            State Rep. Matt Koleszar   tion from the crowd who heard video trib-  community.                           ed to appoint a mayor to serve until
          (D-Plymouth) was named       utes from both Stabenow and Whitmer,       “You are a credit to yourself, you are a  November when voters will choose a candi-
          chair   of   the  House      praising his leadership and accomplish-  credit to your family and you are a credit to  date to complete the remaining two years of
          Committee on Education       ments. Whitmer expressed her gratitude for  the City of Westland,” Hart said. “Thank you.  Wild's term.
          earlier this month.
                                       Celebration of a century
                          See page 6.

                                       Canton Township resident marks 100th birthday with family

               Vol. 138, No. 03           Jean Hayward had some-     currently resides. The party  they had owned where, she     warned the group that she
            The Sixth Annual Curling   thing very special to write   included a dessert bar and a  said, she loved doing the     intended to take any leftover
          Royale Tournament has        about in her personal journal  special reading about her life  books. Following a divorce, she  cake back to her room with
          been scheduled to begin at 3  last week when she marked    by Logan Winston, her assisted  moved to Carleton in 1984 and  her.
          p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11 at    her 100th birthday.           living life enrichment manag-  worked in the oil/gas station   “I'm feeling like I'm being
          Mary Ann Banks Park.            Hayward, the former owner  er. Her daughter, Connee      business. She moved to        pumped more and more and
                          See page 5.  of Hayward's Party Store in   Morris, was among the four    Waltonwood Cherry Hill about  more. By the end of the day, I'm
                                       Belleville where she and her  generations of family members  4.5 years ago, she said.     going to explode with happi-
                                       husband lived for many years,  on hand to help her and her     An avid journaler, she said  ness,” she said of her celebra-
                                       celebrated the milestone at   many friends celebrate.       she was “definitely going to  tion. “I just have had a wonder-
                                       Waltonwood Cherry Hill in        Born in Denton, she and her  write about this,” as the cele-  ful life. It's been pretty good,”
                                       Canton Township where she     husband sold the party store  bration continued. She also   she added.

                Vol. 76, No. 03
            Volunteers are needed for a
          clean-up of Mill Trail in
          Wayne set for 10 a.m. until 2
          p.m. this upcoming Saturday,
          Jan. 21.
                          See page 4.

                Vol. 76, No. 03
            The members of the
          Westland Police Department
          Recruitment Team are cur-
          rently available for questions
          from applicants interested in  Among the family members on hand to help Jean Hayward celebrate her 100th birthday were,
          joining the force.           from left, her great-granddaughter Jessica Gross, Hayward, granddaughter Kristin Gross and
                          See page 2.  Haywards daughter, Connee Morris. Seated in the wheelchair is Hayward's sister, Phyllis Stein.           Jean Hayward

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